Friday, February 26, 2010

Train up a child in the way he should go...

My fabulous husband is so well-trained that it's almost amusing.  I credit his mother, mostly.  He was like this when I found him.

I just got a phone call: "Is it okay if a couple friends come over to watch the U.S. hockey game at 2:00 and we get a pizza?"

"Yes, dear.  That sounds like fun.  Maybe I'll go to the food court and have some pizza for lunch, too!"

I actually really appreciate it, especially if there are going to be people there when I get home.  It's nice to be prepared for that sort of thing.  Then you know not to come in the house swearing.  Or whatever might be inappropriate for the situation.

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  1. It's nice when they check in like that. On the verge of TMI, there was the lucky time Tarzan called to say he was bringing a friend home and I managed to get dressed in time.


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