Friday, February 5, 2010

One word

I've realized that pretty much all my favorite TV shows right now have one-word names:
- Community
- Psych
- Chuck
- Bones
- Castle
- Glee
- House (although I haven't seen it this season)

Oh, shoot, that's not true, because I friggin love Big Bang Theory.  But it is accurate to say all my favorite shows that I watch on Hulu have one word titles.  I've seen all of ten minutes of BBT this season.  I don't mind too much; I really like my distraction.  In fact, I less than three him, heh.

Actually, just a lot of TV shows right now have one-word names.  I wonder why that is.  Is it supposed to be punchy and memorable? Is it that we're too stupid to remember anything longer or understand anything more subtle?  I find this an interesting phenomenon.

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  1. LOVE Glee and can't wait for it's April return! I have to confess, that I secretly wish that my life involved more musical numbers...and Kristen Chenoweth (but maybe not drunk).

    I really like Community as well. (Much better than Parks & Rec). I think my favorite character might be Abed. Didn't you love Jack Black's guest appearance? Although it was a little sad at the end...


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