Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Join us in sunny San Diego!

Fabulous Husband doesn't read my blog.  I'm not sure why. It's not like I prevent him from it; he just doesn't seem too interested.  So I feel comfortable talking about him, since he's obviously never going to know about it.

May I just say that being off work for an extended period does not suit him?  Perhaps it would be better if he had unlimited mobility, but as it stands--or rather, as he sits--now, it's not going excellently.  He's been out for about three weeks now, and it makes him...not his normal self.  He's bored.  I understand the desire to get out of town, but maybe going on vacation isn't the best financial decision when he's going to be on unpaid leave for another month.  Maybe a vacation isn't a good idea for the barely able to walk.  Maybe people who are home all day don't really need a vacation.  Maybe he just needs to get out of the house, not the state.

And yet, he does need a vacation.  Heaven knows I do.  Just talking about it--looking up flights and hotels, researching and planning--has given him something to live for.  At this point, I'm nearly willing to pay the money just to get my husband back.  But still, we can't make any commitments until we know what's going to happen with my tonsils (I'm on antibiotics, but we may take them out anyway).  I can't buy plane tickets until I've discussed my absence with my boss and the other secretary.  I don't want to spend this kind of money until we're sure of how much of his surgery we have to pay for.  I wanted to save some/most of our tax return.  There are a dozen reasons not to go on vacation, or at least not to plan it now, but one very good reason to go: he will talk about it until we do, or I explode.

I spent a good deal of the day on the phone with him, talking about vacation plans.  We have decided that we will go to San Diego during spring break.  It is right before he's planning to go back to work, so his foot should be okay by then.  Anyway, when we went to Disneyland for my birthday, I promised we'd go to SeaWorld for his.  So we are.  I had several conditions: it has to cost less than our tax return. No new flat screen TV. He has to call his Logan ward clerk and get a tithing statement, since his charitable contributions will affect our tax return to the tune of several hundred dollars. We have to see how my tonsils turn out first.  Really, though, we're going to go no matter what happens with my tonsils.  If I have to get them out, I'll just push it back to late spring/early summer.  I've dealt with them this long; what's a few more weeks?  It's a small price to pay for a happy husband.

Now my only wish is that we were going AFTER his birthday, so he could drive the rental car. That's what I get for robbing the cradle, I guess.

Post-edit: A lot of really bad things happened all at once.  No San Diego, but maybe still some California.

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