Friday, February 12, 2010

I told you they was organized...

I'm trying to figure out how to organize my recipes.  I am a rabid recipe clipper.  Any time I come across a recipe that looks interesting--newspaper, magazine, back of a box, ad insert, whatever--I rip it out.  I frequently bring home the Wednesday "life" section of the local newspaper, and sometimes the food section of the New York Times, too.  (Not usually the Times, though, because their recipes often involve foods I've never heard of or couldn't find in a regular grocery store.  That, or weird "fancy" foods that I [and normal Americans everywhere] would never eat.)

My problem is that I have a stack an inch thick of newspaper clippings and magazine pages.  What do I do with them now?!

I guess the first thing to do is start making them and see if I even want to keep them, eh?  But then what?  I'm leaning towards a physical compilation because, as convenient as it would be to have them on my computer, I prefer to cook from hard copies.  I do cook from recipes on my computer, but it's going to cause a disaster one of these days, I just know it.  You drop one opened bottle of vanilla, and suddenly you have a very expensive, nice-smelling paperweight.

Maybe I should type them up so I have them archived and searchable, but then organize them in three ring binders?  It just seems like such an ordeal.

How are your recipes organized?  Any tips you wish you'd known when you started?


  1. What you could do is type them out, then save them as PDFs and print them. Then you'd have them with some funky graphics, too, and in a book-ish sort of form.

    OR - you could make a book via self-publishing like blurb, lulu, etc.

  2. I'm a clipper, too, as well as a typer. I've decided that I have to try the recipe first to see if I would make it again before I type it and keep it more permanently. I have a beautiful three-ring binder that is divided into 10 sections; all recipes are in page protectors. When I make a recipe, I pull it out of the book but keep it in the page protector - easy to wipe off!

  3. I handwrite my favourite recipes into a notebook. I number the pages then write the title of the recipe in a text file with the page number. Then when I need to find something I just search the text file. It's not the best system, eg, I don't have categories, but it does the job.

  4. I am a recipe collector too and I started the 3-ring binder option, divided into sections but ran across two problems. 1. What to do when the book is too big to close? 2. What about recipes that cross chapters.


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