Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do we really need commercials telling kids to play?

Apparently we do.  While the FH watched the Super Bowl, I ate popcorn balls (I think I had seven?) and read. At one point, there was a commercial telling kids that they should play for 60 minutes a day.  May I just say, srsly?  Our society has gotten so bad that we have to tell kids to play?

Now, don't get me wrong, my mom used to yell at me to "put the book down and go do something!" but I was a nerd.  And I do remember swimming all summer, playing in the back yard, riding my bike, doing actual physical exertion during P.E., playing jump rope (I sucked at double dutch, alas) during recess, playing kick the can with my cousins and other normal kid things.  Apparently kids don't do that anymore.

This is sad.  I read something yesterday that basically said kids spend every waking minute with some sort of electronic (7.5 hours a day, but thanks to using multiple devices at once, they get 10.75 hours of exposure out of those 7.5).  I remember a time before the internet, when computers were good for typing reports and the occasional round of Oregon Trail.  And I think I turned out okayish.

We have all this great technology now, but are our lives really any better?  Kids can't write complete sentences because of texting and IM.  They don't even really know how to have an actually face-to-face conversation.  We have all these new ways of staying in touch, but far less communication.  It's sad, really.

There was a commercial on Nickelodeon a few years ago about going outside to play.  Actual Reality, they called it.  "Feel the ball in your hand, because you're actually holding it!"  It was kind of weird for a kids TV station to run commercials telling you to go outside, but it's not a bad idea.


  1. Agreed. I have seen numerous commercials that try to encourage kids to play outside. Beside childhood obesity, my other main issue is writing - putting sentences together AND actually being able to write, not type. I help an 11-yr-old boy with his math, and when I made a comment about his writing, he said, "oh, that's just how I write." I told him he was too young to use that line! Sorry Kenny, but if you can't tell me what number you wrote, there is a problem.

    Also, I have a cousin who is on a mission, and boy, are his emails hard to read! Sentences, punctuation, paragraphs...all must be new concepts to him. How did he graduate HS??? Who taugh him English??? BTW, he is from Mesa. :)

  2. Oh, I know! My mom would occasionally forward my cousin's emails from his mission, and I would skim them at best. All I wanted was to get out a red pen and fix it.

  3. We have 2 Xbox 360s, an original Xbox, a Gamecube, and will soon add a PS3 to the mix (free from Cox, will most likely end up as a Bluray player for us). No one but me feels bad about this. I wish we could pare it down to just one 360.

    No wonder more and more children are being diagnosed with ADD, with so many things to choose from, why settle?

  4. I make my students run across the playground and touch the fence, then run back every day. For some of them, it is the only exercise they get. That's why I make them do it. The rest of the recess, they just stand around talking to me, desparate for adult attention.

  5. When did kids grow up and just want to sit around and talk? You should just make them mime what they want to say instead.

  6. It's true and sad and another demonstration of the sad state of this generation.
    It's in the BoM that this will happen and I want to just shake them all and say 'look at what you're doing.'


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