Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clothing swap

I have tons of clothing and shoes that I don't want anymore.  Some of it is barely worn.  Some of it was never worn (I'm looking at you, adorable brown sneakers I bought from an online clothing store going out of business that just rub my heels wrong).  Lots of really great brands (but maybe these Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes are just too strappy and impractical for church, y'know?).  I could donate it to charity and get the tax deduction, but I'd kind of like to see something for it now.  I actually took it to a consignment shop, but apparently the brands were good but they didn't like the styles.  Snobs.  I'd hold a garage sale, but I don't think I have enough stuff overall to make it worth my time.  I need to join forces with someone else for a big, multiparty garage sale.

Elaine of fashion blog clothed much has a nifty virtual clothes swap, SHOP clothed much.  I assume this is working out for her; unfortunately (for me), she's tiny, so that's no help.  I have a blog following of approximately eight people (high guys ladies!) so I doubt I'd have much success with a similar format.

I've been hearing chatter lately about clothing swaps, where friends bring clothes they don't want anymore that are still in good condition, then swap them around.  This would be a swell idea if any (many?) of my friends were my same size.  I've kind of given up buying clothes for a while, what with all the medical copays and not working that's going on at our house, so it would be nice to refresh my closet for free.  What I need is for someone else to plan a clothes swap party and invite all of their friends who are my size.

Most of these plans seem like a lot of work.  Sigh.  Maybe I will just give it to charity. 


  1. have you went to the consignment shop that is near the gateway? they buy my designer clothes and give good prices. since it's in the heart of richie richie district, they might buy your stuff...

  2. I wish I were your size, clothes or shoes. Your shoes definitely rock. Maybe Plato's closet? or ebay

  3. I haven't tried the one by the Gateway, but Plato's Closet said it wouldn't sell. I'd do ebay, but then I'd have to package and mail it all, and it seems like so much work.

  4. Craigslisst babydoll, is your best friend. Most people will come and pick it up if they're local and pay you for the privilege.


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