Wednesday, February 24, 2010

But at least there's not gum in my hair

I am one Crabby Patty Cathie lately.  Nothing went horribly wrong last night, but everything was a little crappy. And to top off my excellent evening, I discovered that my favorite cashmere argyle sweater got washed...and dryed. It was an accident and I appreciate that he did laundry, but still.  It was my favorite sweater.  It was such a crappy night that I'm still out of sorts this morning.  Sigh.  Anyone know how to restore a shrunken cashmere sweater without paying to have it restretched?  I'd write to Martha, but it's not actually my biggest concern in life right now.

In other news, I want this purse made from an old Nancy Drew book.  I read every Nancy Drew book available when I was in elementary school, and actually have a stack of them.  The old ones, like the one made into a purse.

I like how I don't transition, or keep posts to a single topic.  I just say "in other news" and press on.  Example:

In (other) other news, I finished my antibiotics last night and my throat STILL hurts, which is bad news for baby.  The possibility of having to get my tonsils out just became far more probable.  Oh well.  We just bought a new blender a few weeks ago, and I recently discovered the joy that is Haagen Daz Dulce de Leche ice cream.

What's good, people?  I need something happy to lift my spirits.


  1. UM. Baby? Like poor baby YOU or poor parasite in my womb? Be careful with verbage now lady, you is of the married kind now...

  2. Poor baby me. Although everything smells so terrible today I might as well be pregnant.

  3. There's really nothing that can fix days like that, except time.
    Poor Tarzan, there was this one day I was mad at him for something he did IN MY DREAM and I couldn't shake it, it was SO real.


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