Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jerry, when are you gonna come see the baby?

The first time I touched a computer during our trip to Arizona, I was checking in for the flight back. THAT is how delightful it was.  Shopping at the outdoor mall without a coat (although we did buy some lovely winter wear on clearance at Eddie Bauer, since winter is over in Arizona), not wearing a coat, no space heater or heated matress pad...just lovely.

There was also an incredibly cute baby.

I kind of made him hold the baby several times.  He had never held a baby before holding Chloe at our wedding, so I told him he needs to practice.  She started fussing when he held her before, but it was because she was about to spit up.  Lucky him, she spit up all over me.  But when he picked her up this last time, she instantly fell asleep.  I'm just glad he's started holding her normally.  Before, it was like she was a ticking bomb covered in goo.

I'm not much of a picture taker, but I was going through my phone and found this one:

We had gotten to the hotel and I was marvelling at the size of the bathroom.  I took my veil and bobby pins out.  "Honey!" I yelled to the other room.  "Come look at my hair!  My hair looks awesome."  He agreed that it did, but for some reason, he wasn't as enthused. 

In other news, someone just called my cell phone from a number I didn't recognize.  So, as I do in these situations, I answered with "This is Cathie."  "Is this Mrs. Gifford?" the voice said.  I paused.  Do I correct her?  Nah.  "No, it certainly isn't."  It turned out to be my home warranty company, calling to persuade me to renew.  So, because I bought the house, the automatically assume I'm married?  Yeah, well, newsflash, I bought the house when I was single.  Because it turns out you can have a life when you're single.  You can buy cars, houses, vacations...it's amazing the things they let women do these days!

I don't know why that annoyed me so much, but it really did.  Shouldn't she have just asked for Ms. Gifford?  There's no male name on the warranty, anyway.


  1. 1. I think I'd held one or two babies before I had my own, and I was terrible. Still am, but that's not the point. The point is my not weirded out by it anymore :)

    2. Your hair IS awesome. But jerks, they never notice the hair, the little things. I tried to get Jared to appreciate the awesome nightie my friend made for me for my wedding night, but no, he was all into doing it or soemthing. Doofus.

    3. I agree, use Ms at all times, if you're not sure. Assumptions almost always get me in trouble.

  2. Cute pictures! I love them both. Reid had also never held a baby...or read "What to Expect" like I asked him to...and I suppose we survived. Sometimes, he likes to do things the hard way. :)

    My nephew was born the summer before we got married, and I made Reid hold him, but he only did it while sitting down and for about 60 seconds. whatever. Here's hoping number 2 is a smoother ride!

  3. 1. Could you have mentioned a little, "Thanks, Can!" when going on about how great your hair looked?

    2. Allow me to brag: Bryan is so good with Chloe! In fact, our second date was to the hospital to meet his new nephew. The first thing I loved about Bryan was that he was clearly the older kids' favorite uncle and he held the newborn as comfortably as something he did every day. I have a great husband!

  4. Not quite the point of the story, Can, but yes, thanks for making me look awesome. Wait till you see all the pictures.

  5. Boys just don't appreciate the same things that we do for the same reasons. Whatevers. That's what girlfriends and sisters are for.
    Also, the naming thing is just convention. It happens at church too, people call my sister my last name, even though I am married and it doesn't make sense. People just want to be friendly and in this case was trying to sell you something. I usually correct them and then let them squirm with trying to apologize enough for it.


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