Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crazy days

So, yesterday was crazy.

Let me preface my story by saying that my fabulous husband is well and has not had a heart attack, blood clot, collapsed lung, or anything else life-threatening.  But we didn't know that yesterday, when he had a pain in his chest, which got worse as the morning progressed.

The sick leave policy at FH's place of employ is draconian at best.  (And, after reading his employee handbook last night, the policy they follow is not that set out in writing.  I suggested he speak to his supervisor and ask where this new, harsher policy is documented.)  Long story short, it's possibly his last absence for the next year.  Maybe.  So the poor man was resisting seeking medical treatment, until finally his coworker insisted that he see someone about it.

They happened to be in Layton at the time, and just blocks away from the hospital.  He visitied the ER, and I left work just after 9:30 to drive up there.  Nearly four hours later, he was back on the streets.  They think--think, though I'm not so sure--that he has pleurisy, or inflamation of the lining of the lungs.  He is now on anti-inflammatory pain medication, which seems to dull but not eliminate the pain.  It also seems to make him the tiniest bit loopy, and not at all sleepy.  We watched Twilight and several episodes of Hogan's Heroes.  Our wedding photographer came over to drop off the DVD of our pictures (pictures to come!!) and we chatted with him for a while.  We looked at all the pictures.  He sat and puttered on the computer.  At one o'clock I finally had to tell him, "Baby, I've GOT to go to bed."  He says he didn't sleep much.  He tried to convince me that he should sleep on the couch so that I could sleep better, but I naturally refused.  I did in fact sleep soundly, for once.  If only I could sleep soundly and get more than five and a half hours of sleep.

Anyway, crazy times at our house yesterday.  Well, not so much at our house, as for our family.

Speaking of our house, does anyone want to buy it?  We want to move to Arizona.  We'll sell it for what we owe....


  1. I had pleurisy when I was pregnant with my second kid. It was terrible. Being pregnant=no pain medication. I felt like I'd been in a car accident and had my chest and back smashed against the steering wheel...if that were even possible. I hope today is looking up for you guys.

  2. Um, what? How are we supposed to double date if you are in AZ? Granted, we are still in CO, but...ok, I have nothing. Move.

    P.S. How big is your place again?

  3. Ch-ch-ch-changes...
    Crazy times indeed. SO glad FH is mostly okay. Hope it heals up soon.


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