Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coupla things

I found an orange cranberry muffin in the backseat of my car the other day.  I'm pretty sure it's from Thanksgiving time.  Clearly, it's time to clean out the car.

We recently got new nightstands from IKEA, but they're actually desk supports.  We were looking at filing cabinets, too.  Don't think outside the box; just look at other boxes.

No one cares what color bra you're wearing.  People are already well aware of breast cancer.  Indeed, it's the only cancer for which I can name an associated foundation.  I also can't think of any other cancer associated with a color, or with its own month.  I think breast cancer awareness is doing okay.

And let's face it, putting your bra color on Facebook doesn't really accomplish anything.  It's more than I want to know or imagine about my dearest friends and acquaintances.  Or to quote a movie, "Ew. Please let that be the end of your story."

Lastly, my throat hurts and has weird white things on it.


  1. Are your tonsils swollen? Because that's what my throat was like when I was in Utah.

  2. i agree with you fully on the bra color thing. i won't rant about it on there though!


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