Thursday, December 3, 2009

Two weeks!!

You guys! I'm getting married in two weeks!  Not that we're counting.  Not that we have a paper chain that we take a link off every day like the second grader that I am at heart.

I've had the plague a cold all week, so I haven't been very posty.  And I was in Arizona right before that (hey, thanks for the souvenir cold, Dad!) so I was also not very posty.  Anyway, what's there to say?  We're very impatiently waiting for the 17th.

In more exciting news, we have a tree!  The top foot of our other tree wouldn't light ("there's a light on this tree that won't light on one side"), so we exchanged it ("I'll fix it up there, and I'll bring it back here") for one we liked even better--the branches are so realistic!--with a slightly smaller footprint.  FH had yesterday off, and I was off sick (it's never a good sign when you get winded taking a shower) so we put up the decorations.  He would put the hooks on the ornaments and hand them to me and I would put them on the tree.  He kept handing them to me.  I was like, "Where am I supposed to put these?!"  We have very different ideas of ideal ornament density.  What he doesn't understand is that I don't like ornaments.  In previous years, my (three foot tall) tree had white lights.  And that was it.  The ornaments were in vases on the table, looking very spiffy.  So the fact that I have ANY ornaments is a significant increase over what I'm used to.  Still, it's a pretty spiffy looking tree.  We got our ornaments from IKEA, natch.

Turns out it's fun to decorate for Christmas when you actually have someone to share the holiday with.  Seems to have significantly cut down on my grinch-liness.  Could it be I'm actually enjoying this Christmas season?  It's true, it's true.

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  1. Half my ornaments are Ikea, as well as our pithy star.. I'll get on a decent one someday when I grow up. I love the paper chain, and I'm SO pumped for the nuptuals. If you don't post copious amounts of pictures I'll hurt myself. Just sayin, I don't ahve moch to look forward to in this frozen tomb of the north.


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