Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm engaged!

I know that's old news, but we JUST got our engagement pictures back.  (Our photographer is a friend and just got married, so we have to cut him some slack.  Besides, we're sending announcements after the fact.  These were mostly just for funsies.)

There are so many I like!  Not because I'm particularly photogenic, but because we're so cute and happy.  Without further ado, pictures!

Wait, a little more ado.  My nose is red in some of them.  It was getting cold as the sun went down.  Please disregard.  I promise I'm not drunk.

Okay, that's not strictly an engagement photo.  But I liked it, so I included it.

Next time, I'll show you what I call the flip book photos.  They're so funny.


  1. Okay,
    1. I LOVE your hair!!!!!
    2. My favorites are 2 and 7, but just barely they're all adorable!
    3. Y'all are photogenic, but that's not what I notice - it's all that happy radiating, just like you said. I love it!

  2. Where do you get such fabulous shoes?
    And those are some great pictures. I predict a collage in your future.

  3. DSW for the red and blue. They gots good shoes, and I always buy them on clearance.


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