Thursday, November 5, 2009

There. Now buy me things.

Everyone keeps asking me if we're registering.  "Well," I tell them, "I have my Amazon wishlist."  Most people accept this, but some people are still like, "But how will we know what to get you?"  Did you watch the season premiere of the Office?  Where Pam is trying to explain to Kevin that they really just want money, and it's awkward, but ultimately he makes out a check to Mrs. Pam Halpert?  Yeah, it's like that.  Really, who doesn't want money?

But hey, if people want to buy me stuff, I'm not going to stop them.  (Go for the $400 blender!)  So today I moved lots of the stuff from my Amazon wishlist to an actual Amazon wedding registry.  Because seriously, you guys, I want those bandages that look like bacon.

Edit: You can find the bacon bandages and other fun things (like toast wallets) on my registry and wishlist.


  1. YOU JUST SOLVED MY QUANDRY ABOUT WHAT TO GET IN OUR STUPIDEST GIFT COMPETITION THIS CHRISTMAS!!! Yes, I'm yelling, I'm just that excited about the bacon bandaids!!!!

  2. You could match it with a wallet shaped like toast. I want that, too.

  3. Free toy inside!? Is the toy shaped like bacon too!?


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