Thursday, November 19, 2009

More pictures

For the record, the last post, the one of my wedding dress, was my 200th.  Wow.  I sent it from my phone, hence the brevity.

Yesterday's picture totally was not gratuitous, but these are:

That's me, making sure you can see the World's Greatest Shoes.  I've owned them for four or five years, and there is no shoe I love better.

Yipes, bad lighting in the living room.  Maybe it's not so much the lighting as the lack of makeup.  I probably shouldn't post this one at all.  Maybe I should put a black bar over my eyes like in the back of whatever fashion magazine they do that in.

I'm wearing the red shoes no matter what. The cardigan I'll wear if I'm cold, which I probably will be unless it's unseasonably warm. Also, it helps hide the fact that the dress is still so tight.  Notice the creasing around my waist?  Yeah, you don't want that.  That is a dress's way of saying "HEY, there's only so much we can give!  Suck it in, woman!  Suck it in!!!"  Or something like that. 

I'm so glad I got the dress shortened. Don't regret it at all. I'll be able to get into cars by myself, use the restroom without assistance, walk through mud without hoisting my skirt up...and most importantly, no one will have to follow behind me to make sure my train is right in every picture.  Anyway, floor-length dresses make me look short.


  1. And they get to see the fabulous shoes!

  2. congrats on your wedding!! i must be out of it because i goes i hadn't put together that you were getting married. love the red shoes!! who doesn't love some color.

  3. Oh, I never really officially announced it. I added a countdown to the end of dinner for one, started tagging entries with "wedding" and "husband," stuff like that. I like to sneak it up on people! The vacation pics showed off our "just engaged" buttons, but I didn't explain that we actually are engaged.

  4. Holy smokes do I want to marry your SHOES! Awesome.


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