Saturday, November 7, 2009

Heavenly cookies!

I recently entered--and won!--a drawing for a dozen cookies from Heidi's Heavenly Cookies.  In all the excitement of planning a wedding, I've neglected to blog about them, but let me tell you, they are amazing.  Those who know me know I have a thing for toffee (remember the Christmas that I ate nearly that entire plate of mock toffee?  Yeah, I'd do it again.) so naturally I went for the toffee chocolate chip.  It's a buttery cookie topped with this amazing, almost caramel-y toffee, chocolate, and almonds.  So good!

I wish I had taken a picture of the adorable box that they came in, but it was so cute that I've already re-gifted it. I admired the box, opened it up, promptly ate a cookie...ate another cookie...and then put the rest in the freezer.  I've been rationing them out like it's the Cookie Cold War.

So, yes.  Very delicious.  Obtain some for yourself (or me); you won't regret it.  They can also be moody.  See:

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