Monday, November 16, 2009

Cranberry juice

In one of my many cooking blogs, they mentioned another blog, where they had a recipe to make your own cranberry juice, claiming it was far superior to store-bought juice.  This seemed entirely likely, as I find most storebought cranberry juice passes "tart" and ends up in "bitter."  (Not as bitter as tonic water, mind you.  That stuff is horrid.)

Anyway, cranberries are in season, so I picked up a bag.  I made orange cranberry muffins (the recipe I used had too much nutmeg, I think, which overpowered the orange flavor) and cranberry juice.  Holy cow, it is way better.  I think mine was actually too sweet.  When was the last time your cranberry juice was too sweet?!  But the great thing is that you can control the sugar level.

Homemade cranberry juice (or anything, for that matter) is great because you know exactly what's in it.  Also, it's a much better color:

Ooooooh.  I just looked at the recipe again and realized I used twice as much sugar as called for, since I halved it.  Whoops.  That explains it.  If you'd like to do it right, try a recipe.

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