Friday, October 9, 2009

Review: Curtains

I realize most of my fair readers do not live along the Wasatch Front. But if you do, you have to go see the Hale Centre Theatre's production of Curtains. You guys! It is fabulous. On a very short-noticed whim, I went to see it last night. We liked it so much, we intend on going back to see the other cast. (The lead is single cast, and does an amazing job. Just AMAZING.)

If you're not familiar with the story--and you probably aren't--it's set in 1959 in a theater in Boston. Their show just got panned, and their lead just got murdered. So they're trying to revamp the show and solve the murder. Fortunately, the detective on the case is also a huge theater fan, and so naturally is able to do both.

There are lots of fun theater in-jokes, but it's still fun if you aren't a theater buff. There are a lot of great directing choices, like the scene in the middle of the night with everyone in pajamas. It's lit entirely by flashlights! One number includes a disco ball! It's just so much fun.

I would suggest you get seats on the west half of the theater; we couldn't see what was going on with the trap door. You still know what's going on, but I would have liked to have seen it.

Tangentially, sitting in different areas of the theater--in any theater, but especially at the Hale, which is in the round--gives you a totally different experience. Once in Arizona, we were seeing a show for the second time, but sitting on the opposite side of the auditorium, and suddenly we saw all these great things one of the actors had been doing. We hadn't been able to see him from the other side! Perhaps it wouldn't have happened in a more professional production (this was at the community college) but it certainly drove home the point.

Anyway. Curtains is funny and sweet and mysterious and you should go see it!

As a parting shot, here's my favorite song from the show, "I Miss the Music." Play them off, fellas.


  1. I love hoe you say"I" went to see it, then in the next sentence "We" loved it. So couple-y, no need for explaination there. heh.

  2. I have seen Wicked from pretty much every standard angle in a theater. It's always fabulous but there are certain 'in' things that you see from each angle.


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