Monday, October 26, 2009

Not-so-secret-anymore vacation pics

Well, everyone's favorite Rocketgirl has pointed me in a very promising direction for a new necklace, so here are the vacation photos I was referring to.  They're not available for public consumption elsewhere, by my decree.

First up--did you know that if you go to City Hall, just inside Disneyland, they have buttons for pretty much everything?  Birthday, first visit, family reunion, anniversary, and...

...just engaged.  It's great.  People congratulate you all the time.  On Finding Nemo, they were like "Welcome aboard voyagers! And on behalf of the crew of Finding Nemo Adventure, congratulations to the newly engaged couple."  It's awesome.  Every time we saw someone with a birthday button, we would wish them happy birthday, and they frequently would congratulate us.  Not only does everyone congratulate you, but... get free stuff!  Alas, the light in the Blue Bayou isn't conducive to cell phone cameras (did I mention all these photos were taken with my awesome smart phone?) but that is free chocolate mousse with adorable Mickey-shaped sprinkles.  It was good.  The Future Husband didn't like it much, so I ate pretty much the whole thing.  Because there are no diets on vacation.

And finally, I leave you with this.  They really ought to redo the lighting, because surely people like to stand in front of this for pictures, and you can't really use a flash (or if you're like me, you never use a flash) and you end up looking shadowed and not pretty.  We're thinking about photoshopping in more attractive pictures of ourselves.

So there you have it.  The vacation pictures that you won't see on Facebook.


  1. Yay for not-so-secret announcements! And yay for the polka dot dress. You are going to be one styin' bride.

    Yes, they should redo the lighting, because that is an adorable sign. Can't wait for more professional pictures of you and The Future Husband.

    word verification: coninged - how did you coninged fiance to wear that button?

  2. Man, FH wanted to wear the buttons to ward family home evening. He can barely stand keeping it quiet. And it is mostly for HIS benefit that we're trying to keep it on the DL until after everything is signed, sealed, and delivered.

  3. I like the "Once upon a time..." sign too. I like both.

    Aww, you know what would be cute!? The couple with the "OUAT" sign, and then them and their kids YEARS later at the "...And they all lived happily ever after" sign. Dibs!!!

    I found your wedding gift today!! Just need to save up some tips to get it. I like it so much, might get one for meself.

    She's not going to be just a stylin' bride, but a Bridethra! The opposite of Bridezilla: best attitude ever. YAY!!!

  4. A-freaking-dorable. And please, for the love of all that is holy, explain the secrecy. And the chocolate mousse is so cool - I looooove me some Blue Bayou! I am curious about the thought of putting a canding in mousse, but I am NOT going to question the mouse.

  5. (Do the sprinkles make it "Mickey Mousse?" :D)

  6. I'm sorry, what needs to be signed, sealed stc. before his family can know?

  7. What? Not his family. His benefit, which was mostly because of his ex-wife.


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