Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Irrelevant tags

I was adding tags to some recent entries, and I realized, I'm going to have to retire the "living alone is" tag!  Boy will I miss living alone.  But can I tell you how nice it is to get home from work and walk into a vacuumed living room?  That I didn't vacuum?  It's pretty awesome.  Totally makes up for having some guy living in my house.

Also, I feel better about the world in a room that has recently been vacuumed.  Especially if I can see the vacuum lines.  I should vacuum more often.

In conculusion, vacuum is a funny word.


  1. Reason #1 for high pile carpet purchase someday: Carpet lines.
    Reason #2 : squishy.

  2. So what are you going to re-name your blog, since it won't be dinner for one anymore?

  3. You'll see...once I make up my mind.


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