Monday, October 26, 2009

The internet knows everything, right?

Suppose you were going to be wearing a dress with polka dots, perhaps similar to these:

(yes, that is my waist) and you decided that you should wear pearls to echo the dots.  But you don't want normal small pearls, like you already own.  No, you want faux, big, almost gumball-sized pearls, almost the size of the dots themselves.  Where would you expect to get that necklace for a reasonable price?

Answer that, and I'll show you some super-secret pictures from my Disneyland vacation this past weekend.


  1. Real pearls or faux pearls?

    And wouldn't that look a little Wilma Flinstone with your red hair?

  2. Faux, as noted above. No need to break the bank. Also, not as large as Wilma's, I won't be wearing a one-shoulder animal skin, and hers were unevenly shaped. I'm not worried about the similarities.

    SO inexpensive, huge selection. Hey, take a trip to Dallas to go to the store in person - heaven! I got a necklace like you are describing in red there.

  4. Oh, that might just work! And at those prices, I can get a couple options and see which one I like best. I knew someone would know.

    Okay, super awesome vacation pictures are forthcoming.

  5. That looks suspiciously like a wedding dress...I'm just sayin'.


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