Thursday, October 15, 2009

How clever

I would like to introduce you to my new phone in all it's white body, cobalt blue jack glory. Unfortunately, I can't really take a picture of my cell phone with my cell phone. It's so cute, though. Even better, it's a smart phone.

Oooh. Can we take a moment and let that sink in? Smart phone. Now I don't have to wait until I get back from lunch to check my Facebook friends list. Oh no! I can check it in the cafeteria! I can play Bubble Breaker in the bathroom--if I'm so inclined, which I am NOT--and surf the internet for interesting pictures to set as my wallpaper. People. You haven't lived until you have the power of the entire internet in your purse. Lolcats, everywhere I go! I never knew what living is until this day.

It's so great. Completely unnecessary and so great.

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  1. Hahahaha, that's awesome!!! My phone sadly doesn't have internet :( My husband's does so I steal his quite often :)


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