Monday, September 14, 2009

You know, I've never read Catch-22

There are a lot of books I haven't read, but know enough about to discuss in casual conversation. Like Catch-22. I know the gist of it. It's enough to get me by until I actually find time to read it. And if all else fails, there's always the Wikipedia entry.

But life is full of things like that. If your life is busy and full of fun things, you have something to blog about. But your life is full of fun things, so you have no time to blog about them. If your life is boring and repetitive--like mine--you have plenty of time to post, but no content. Either way, there's no blogging.

Or if you're working all the time, you have no time to spend all your money. If you're burdened with tons of free time, you have no money to spend. Either way, no shopping is done. (Of course, Amazon has significantly reduced the former concern. Indeed, now I have no time or money.)

So here I am, full of nothing to say. But people rely on me! Who will amuse my seven readers if I don't? I will have to actually make phone calls to update people on the not-much-going-ons! The very fabric of our society will unravel! Or perhaps not.

In other news, there is a huge Greek population in Salt Lake. There is--as I found out Friday night--an even larger population of Greek food enthusiasts. We went to the annual Greek Festival, and there were a bajillion people. The line for food was just under a jillion miles long, as it snaked around and around the tent-covered parking lot of the Greek Orthodox church downtown. Sadly, most of it was over salted for my tastes. The souvlaki was good, and the pastries delightful. I should have saved my money on food and just filled up on pastries.

I also bought a very cool ring. I talked her down from $55 to $30, so how could I say no? "I've never sold it for $30," she told me. It's possible, but she probably has. Alas, I'm not wearing it today, or I'd take a cell phone photo. It's very funky modern, very Paloma Picasso for Tiffany's. Maybe eventually. Because I post soooo many photos. It's just such a pain to get out the cable and import them. I need a new camera!


  1. I've never read Catch-22 either! I didn't even know what it even meant until my husband had to explain it to me... :/
    And I totally know what you mean about being busy, working, no money, and nothing to blog! Haha!
    We went to the Greek Festival last year and we thought everything was overpriced so we didn't go this year... Hope you enjoyed it though :)
    And yes....get a picture of that ring!!!

  2. I completely know the feeling. When stuff happens I think of blog posts but have no time to actually post them, or I get halfway through one and then don't post it until it's too late to be meaningful. The irony abounds all over the place.


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