Thursday, September 10, 2009

Practice schedule: eight days a week

It turns out that there are Beatles songs I don't really know well at all. Definitely not well enough to drum and sing. I assure you, this will be rectified.

Who else bought Beatles Rock Band this week? Don't you love it? It's fun to have songs that I know, songs that won't be angry and dark, songs with a cute cartoon Paul McCartney singing. Besides, instead of going into overdrive or whatever it is when you use your energy, you go into Beatlemania. Beatlemania! The cheering gets louder!

This version is interesting, because it's somewhat less competitive. It still gives you your percentage score, but there's no "most saves" or "most energy" or whatever. The crowd doesn't boo if you start sucking (which actually would be helpful, because I didn't realize that I wasn't close enough to the mic to be picked up and ended up with 35%. I did it again and got 90%.) I guess it mostly seems less competitive. Rather than getting money, you earn pictures and some sort of prizes that I haven't investigated too closely. Clearly I'll need to get another version of Rock Band so I can earn money and buy clothes for my characters.

They're adding some of the albums as downloadable content, and I expect eventually the entire catalog will be available, or at least most of it. Right now it seems to be more of the latter work; I'd really like to see more of the early stuff. I don't know that I'll buy every song--it's like two bucks per track!--but I definitely want Lovely Rita, When I'm Sixty-Four, and Norwegian Wood. If only Eleanor Rigby would come available! And maybe some of the covers from the early albums.

In conclusion: two thumbs way, way up!


  1. How could they do and Eleanor Rigby game? It has no guitar bass or drums, just an octet. Interesting fact - George Martin had the octet record 2 versions - one with vibrato, one without. The one without vibrato made the cut. Much more stark and such.

    Also, crazy jealous.

  2. I know, I know. But they could do a vocal-only!

  3. LOVE the Beatles! I've actually never played Rock Band. But I do play Guitar Hero!! ;)

    Thanks for the comment on my post. I did the looking-back pose while I was walking.... what do you think? :D I'm still working on it... haha

  4. This makes me miss you bunches! Mom bought the Beatles Rock Band but I can't get the boys to play with me. Bryan doesn't play Rock Band and he doesn't like the Beatles, so that's definitely a no-go. I guess I'll get a stand and learn to guitar and sing at the same time. We bought the Guitar Hero 5 today- 85 songs by 83 bands (wonder who was "good" enough to repeat) with a rebate to get the Van Halen version for free! Woo-hoo!

  5. "...earn money and buy clothes for my characters." Does that mean Paul McCartney is naked?!


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