Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our state fair is a great state fair

After two aborted attempts to attend the fair, I am going tonight, come high water or scattered rain showers. I want to see the pigs and eat cotton candy and not go on rides and roll my eyes at the "world's largest alligator" tent and pretend to be in the market for buying a hot tub and all those lovely things that the state fair involves. (That's pretty much exactly what I did last year.)

We tried to go on Saturday, but we didn't get a good turn out, some of us were utterly exhausted (me), some had just poured water on their cell phone and ruined it (not me, thankfully) and were not in good moods. So we decided we'd go on Monday. Except on Monday it was raining. "Contrary to what you may have heard," I told them, "I don't melt. I want to go to the fair." No one else wanted to go. The losers! The place would have been deserted! The rain stopped not long after that, too. And it was all you can eat ice cream night. Harumph. So we still have all these pre-sale tickets, but the fair ends this weekend and no one was free on Saturday.

So I am going tonight. I don't care if this week's angry stomach turns out to be an alien about to burst forth from my gut. I am going to the fair. If it rains, I'll get wet. If it snows I might leave early, but I could just hang out in the livestock exhibit, or the commercial hall with the mop demos and bad tasting weight loss drinks of dubious efficacy.

I don't know why I'm so determined. I could make my own funnel cakes. My own cotton candy. (One of the best gifts ever, by the way.) I don't really like livestock that much. I have a mop and I barely use it. But it's the fair! It only comes once a year! They have pickles on a stick!

And besides, the tickets are already paid for.


  1. That's how I feel about Girl Scout cookies. Oh, I know I could get shortbread cookies in any shape all year, but in the shape of a girl's head?? It's only once a year!!!!!

  2. I LOVE the fair, and I'm so bummed we missed it this year. I love the animals, but I love the pumpins & other prize-winning veggies more. I REALLY love the hand-dipped corn dogs and freshly fried curly fries. Followed by funnel cake. Oh. yeah.

  3. All you can eat ice cream night?! Serious losers. I would have gone in a blizzard and that is saying a lot because I do not like snow. At all. Ever. Even if it melts in 30 seconds and never touches my feet.
    I would have gone to the fair in a blizzard for all I could eat ice cream.


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