Friday, September 25, 2009

Impractical and cute

I'm not sure if the title of this post is about me, or the aprons I want. There are so many aprons I want. They're cute. So cute. I would be afraid to get something on them (this is the girl who puts eggs in her apron pocket. Have I mentioned how awesome pockets are on aprons?). Between this and the adorable Darlybird earrings and bobby pins I want (Peaches, Jennie, Sophie, mini flower studs earrings; Peaches, Chantel, Daisy bobby pins; Malibu, Half Moon Bay, Mendocino bracelets...) I've been all about the girly things lately. Very out of character for my personal style.

Let me show you just some of the adorableness that you could obtain for yourself. Or for me!

I call this one "Texas." You know. Yellow rose of Texas? So delightfully delicate.

I call this one "Circus," but I think its real name is "Wonder Bread." It also fits. I love the fabric contrast, but it doesn't have the coverage on the top that I require from a fully functional apron. I tend to get stuff all over my top. My bottom half is largely protected by, you know, the cabinets. Still. It's like a party in an apron.

This one is great because I love because it has a pocket. And the French wallpaper damask. And polka dots!

Speaking of polka dots! This is just adorable. Put a back on it and I'd wear it as a dress!
This is just a small sampling of adorable, handmade stuff one can obtain online these days. I want them all. What do I need with four more aprons? I have two or three already! I have absolutely no need for any of these things. This is why I don't buy them, and instead just tell you about them. Because maybe YOU need an apron, and why not get a cute one?


  1. I love those! My sister made me an apron (with pocket!) for Christmas, and I love wearing it. I tell Reid it is my uniform for my job (Household CEO).

  2. Ug, I would adore an apron. My mom wore one over her Sunday dress every Sunday while making dinner. Maybe I should get one so it would make me more of a mommy? But then I'd have to leave my dress on after church, and that ain't happening.

  3. You can wear an apron over not-a-dress. I wear an apron any time I'm making something messy or if I want to wear the same clothes the next day. So, pretty much always.

  4. Those are cute aprons. Did you get one?

  5. They really are adorable. LOVE the French damask one particularly. But I couldn't wear it and then actually cook. I might mess it up. I use my plain denim one most often, it's awesome and I don't mind if I get stuff on it.


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