Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GPOYW: Party Edition

I went with a friend to her fancy work party, so I wore a lot of eye makeup and did my hair in a fun, spiky updo. This is my attempt to quickly get a photo of both. It was a valiant effort, if not a overly successful one.

I love living alone. I've had the dustbuster on the stairs for four days, and no one complained or tripped over it. Occasionally, there are times when I realize the downside of living alone. Like when I have to crawl behind the dryer to get things that fell back there, and am not entirely sure that I'll be able to get back out. Or when I crack my head on the freezer door and am afraid I'm going to pass out. Or when someone has to be home for the dishwasher repairman, and that someone HAS to be me. Or when I need to move something heavy or cumbersome. And of course, when trying to take a picture of the back of my head:

Or of my legs:

It always looks like that, and it always looks bad. It could have been a lovely shot, if there were someone else around to hold the stinking camera. I have a huge folder of self portraiture, and it's largely craptastic. Living alone is great, but today, it's also bad self portraits.


  1. You know, I leave the vaccum in the halway for weeks at a time and no one complains because 1. Solei is used to falling over stuff, and 2. Jared is used to me being a slob. I LOVE the updo, but holy, holy snap, I want to take a bite out of your luscious leg - the fishnets, the shoes - YUM!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's because self-taken pictures of my legs always look vaguely like chicken drumsticks.

  3. Wow, Cath! I approve of the whole ensemble! I wanna go to a party like that! Maybe next time some false lashes...

  4. You are super hot; love the look and wish I was brave enough to work it out for myself.
    Additionally, having someone around does not always mean they can take the sort of picture that you want of you.


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