Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall turned on like a lightswitch

Sunday was lovely and warm. Monday I was wearing the 2002 Olympics auxiliary security staff coat that I keep in my trunk, ON TOP of my wool-blend long sleeve shirt. But it wasn't enough and I finally had to go home.

Winter is coming. I can feel it when I leave the house in the morning. It will be here too soon. I will spend five months rocking the Bundled Up Chic aesthetic. Probably half my tops are long sleeved these days. I need more cardigans. Where does one find lovely cardigans these days?

I call this weather Long Sleeve, No Jacket weather. I could easily get away with one of my light jackets, but I like to hold on to the feeling of not getting dressed and then covering it up. That day will come soon enough.

This weather makes me miss my trench coat. (I hate you, Delta!) That coat was like family. I search and search, but I can't find one like it. I have plenty of other coats, I assure you. My coat closet is full to bursting, and yet I still feel the lack of that one trench coat. Oh sure, you can get a new dog, but it doesn't mean you don't mourn the one that got run over.

I want that jacket back. Maybe in the eternities, it will be restored to me.


  1. I won't even begin to tell you where to get a cardigan, because everybody is selling 'em this season - and ooohhhh yeah, I loks me some hott in turtlenecks and sweaters... Nice, well fitting stuff... now, I jsut have to be able to fit INTO them. dang it.

  2. What about your periwinkle trench you got in Park City?

  3. I love the periwinkle one. But it's not an everyday coat, and it's certainly not waterproof.


  5. Cardigans seem to be in right now still so that's good. What does "lovely cardigans" mean? Who sells ugly ones so I don't direct you there by mistake?


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