Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Order of the day

It's raining. "Wintry mix," they warned on the radio. I hate that term. It is everything that is bad about the weather. Is it rain, sleet, snow? Yes.

I woke up and listened to the rain for fifteen minutes before finally getting out of bed. It's probably the only sound that can wake me up without also making me grumpy. By the way, Dad, did I tell you the gutter still leaks in front of the window? Hitting the block wall dissipates it, though.

All I wanted to wear (in the way of jackets; I'm a big fan of clothes in general) was my long-lost trench coat. It's waterproof! It's warm! It's not too thick! It's all Delta's fault! Sigh. Don't think I'm not always looking for a new coat.

Now all I want is to go home, put on some fleece pants, make cocoa and toast, curl up with a book and a blanket, and enjoy the rain. This is my instinct every time it rains. There is a reason I do not live in Seattle. I would accomplish nothing, spending all of my day in fleece pants holding warm mugs of cocoa.

I'm actually leaving work early today. I have to get my brake light fixed--I couldn't do it, and my far more capable boyfriend couldn't do it--and my car re-tested. I did manage to un-tint my own windows, though. I need to scrape some adhesive off the passenger window, but light will shine through, and that's all that matters.

I'm really angry at Utah right now. The driver license system doesn't talk to the registration system, so even though I updated my license right after I moved, I didn't get the renewal notice in the mail. And then they changed the law on acceptable level of tinting. So my front windows--which are not nearly as dark as the back windows--were legal when I registered my car two years ago, but aren't anymore. You should have seen the cartoonish black cloud over my head.

One of these days, I'm going to move back to Arizona. And the first thing I'm going to do is go to Bahama Bucks. But the second thing I'm going to do is get my windows re-tinted to the glorious level of twilight that they once were. Stupid Utah.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bands I've seen

I was thinking the other day about how many bands I've seen in concert. Alas, I have no definitive list. Ticket stubs get thrown away, concerts get forgotten. So I'm going to try to remember all the bands I've seen. Remind me if we've seen someone together and I've neglected to include them. In no particular order:

Sugar Ray
No Doubt
John Mayer
Counting Crows
Bryan Adams
Barenaked Ladies
Goo Goo Dolls
Jack's Mannequin
The Fray
Maroon 5
Paul Cardall
Kurt Bestor
Michael Bublé
Stone Temple Pilots
Blink 182
Billy Joel
Elton John
Rachael Yamagata
Ray LaMontagne

I feel like I've forgotten someone, but I can't think of anyone else. I'll add to it if I remember an artist I've missed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Impractical and cute

I'm not sure if the title of this post is about me, or the aprons I want. There are so many aprons I want. They're cute. So cute. I would be afraid to get something on them (this is the girl who puts eggs in her apron pocket. Have I mentioned how awesome pockets are on aprons?). Between this and the adorable Darlybird earrings and bobby pins I want (Peaches, Jennie, Sophie, mini flower studs earrings; Peaches, Chantel, Daisy bobby pins; Malibu, Half Moon Bay, Mendocino bracelets...) I've been all about the girly things lately. Very out of character for my personal style.

Let me show you just some of the adorableness that you could obtain for yourself. Or for me!

I call this one "Texas." You know. Yellow rose of Texas? So delightfully delicate.

I call this one "Circus," but I think its real name is "Wonder Bread." It also fits. I love the fabric contrast, but it doesn't have the coverage on the top that I require from a fully functional apron. I tend to get stuff all over my top. My bottom half is largely protected by, you know, the cabinets. Still. It's like a party in an apron.

This one is great because I love because it has a pocket. And the French wallpaper damask. And polka dots!

Speaking of polka dots! This is just adorable. Put a back on it and I'd wear it as a dress!
This is just a small sampling of adorable, handmade stuff one can obtain online these days. I want them all. What do I need with four more aprons? I have two or three already! I have absolutely no need for any of these things. This is why I don't buy them, and instead just tell you about them. Because maybe YOU need an apron, and why not get a cute one?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where I've been

So, I haven't been very good about blogging so far this month. Let me explain.

I have a big month-at-a-glance desk calendar at work. Thus far, every day this month has had something going: Scarlet Pimpernel, New York City, the storytelling festival in Orem, "Clambake" party, voice lessons, friend's work party, service activity, Greek Fest, shopping and state fair (which didn't pan out), teaching (and really sick), state fair (again aborted, due to rain), first date with new kid at church, second date with new kid at church (to the state fair, finally!), birthday party for a friend held at my house, two dates with two different guys on the same day (which was the third date with new kid), fourth date with new kid (our shared favorite movie, "Return to Me"), barbecue (too cold!), hang-out date with new kid.... And it shows no sign of stopping. There's nothing on the calendar for next week yet, but I'm sure it will change.

So you see, I've been very busy. And there's this new kid who seems to really like me. If not, he's a dang fool for wanting to spend so much time with me. I'm not much one for taking photos, but I'll have to obtain one for all y'all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall turned on like a lightswitch

Sunday was lovely and warm. Monday I was wearing the 2002 Olympics auxiliary security staff coat that I keep in my trunk, ON TOP of my wool-blend long sleeve shirt. But it wasn't enough and I finally had to go home.

Winter is coming. I can feel it when I leave the house in the morning. It will be here too soon. I will spend five months rocking the Bundled Up Chic aesthetic. Probably half my tops are long sleeved these days. I need more cardigans. Where does one find lovely cardigans these days?

I call this weather Long Sleeve, No Jacket weather. I could easily get away with one of my light jackets, but I like to hold on to the feeling of not getting dressed and then covering it up. That day will come soon enough.

This weather makes me miss my trench coat. (I hate you, Delta!) That coat was like family. I search and search, but I can't find one like it. I have plenty of other coats, I assure you. My coat closet is full to bursting, and yet I still feel the lack of that one trench coat. Oh sure, you can get a new dog, but it doesn't mean you don't mourn the one that got run over.

I want that jacket back. Maybe in the eternities, it will be restored to me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Better than fair

I saw a 306 pound pumpkin. I saw a cow with coloring that from a distance would totally be mistaken as a mountain lion. Bucky Covington played my favorite Elvis song (Suspicious Minds). I refused to pay to see the world's smallest pony AND the 1200 pound alligator. I watched a cooking demonstration that was essentially a live infomercial. I considered getting a conspicuous henna tattoo for work. I had cotton candy for dinner.

They should call it the state awesome, because fair just isn't correct.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our state fair is a great state fair

After two aborted attempts to attend the fair, I am going tonight, come high water or scattered rain showers. I want to see the pigs and eat cotton candy and not go on rides and roll my eyes at the "world's largest alligator" tent and pretend to be in the market for buying a hot tub and all those lovely things that the state fair involves. (That's pretty much exactly what I did last year.)

We tried to go on Saturday, but we didn't get a good turn out, some of us were utterly exhausted (me), some had just poured water on their cell phone and ruined it (not me, thankfully) and were not in good moods. So we decided we'd go on Monday. Except on Monday it was raining. "Contrary to what you may have heard," I told them, "I don't melt. I want to go to the fair." No one else wanted to go. The losers! The place would have been deserted! The rain stopped not long after that, too. And it was all you can eat ice cream night. Harumph. So we still have all these pre-sale tickets, but the fair ends this weekend and no one was free on Saturday.

So I am going tonight. I don't care if this week's angry stomach turns out to be an alien about to burst forth from my gut. I am going to the fair. If it rains, I'll get wet. If it snows I might leave early, but I could just hang out in the livestock exhibit, or the commercial hall with the mop demos and bad tasting weight loss drinks of dubious efficacy.

I don't know why I'm so determined. I could make my own funnel cakes. My own cotton candy. (One of the best gifts ever, by the way.) I don't really like livestock that much. I have a mop and I barely use it. But it's the fair! It only comes once a year! They have pickles on a stick!

And besides, the tickets are already paid for.

Monday, September 14, 2009

You know, I've never read Catch-22

There are a lot of books I haven't read, but know enough about to discuss in casual conversation. Like Catch-22. I know the gist of it. It's enough to get me by until I actually find time to read it. And if all else fails, there's always the Wikipedia entry.

But life is full of things like that. If your life is busy and full of fun things, you have something to blog about. But your life is full of fun things, so you have no time to blog about them. If your life is boring and repetitive--like mine--you have plenty of time to post, but no content. Either way, there's no blogging.

Or if you're working all the time, you have no time to spend all your money. If you're burdened with tons of free time, you have no money to spend. Either way, no shopping is done. (Of course, Amazon has significantly reduced the former concern. Indeed, now I have no time or money.)

So here I am, full of nothing to say. But people rely on me! Who will amuse my seven readers if I don't? I will have to actually make phone calls to update people on the not-much-going-ons! The very fabric of our society will unravel! Or perhaps not.

In other news, there is a huge Greek population in Salt Lake. There is--as I found out Friday night--an even larger population of Greek food enthusiasts. We went to the annual Greek Festival, and there were a bajillion people. The line for food was just under a jillion miles long, as it snaked around and around the tent-covered parking lot of the Greek Orthodox church downtown. Sadly, most of it was over salted for my tastes. The souvlaki was good, and the pastries delightful. I should have saved my money on food and just filled up on pastries.

I also bought a very cool ring. I talked her down from $55 to $30, so how could I say no? "I've never sold it for $30," she told me. It's possible, but she probably has. Alas, I'm not wearing it today, or I'd take a cell phone photo. It's very funky modern, very Paloma Picasso for Tiffany's. Maybe eventually. Because I post soooo many photos. It's just such a pain to get out the cable and import them. I need a new camera!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Practice schedule: eight days a week

It turns out that there are Beatles songs I don't really know well at all. Definitely not well enough to drum and sing. I assure you, this will be rectified.

Who else bought Beatles Rock Band this week? Don't you love it? It's fun to have songs that I know, songs that won't be angry and dark, songs with a cute cartoon Paul McCartney singing. Besides, instead of going into overdrive or whatever it is when you use your energy, you go into Beatlemania. Beatlemania! The cheering gets louder!

This version is interesting, because it's somewhat less competitive. It still gives you your percentage score, but there's no "most saves" or "most energy" or whatever. The crowd doesn't boo if you start sucking (which actually would be helpful, because I didn't realize that I wasn't close enough to the mic to be picked up and ended up with 35%. I did it again and got 90%.) I guess it mostly seems less competitive. Rather than getting money, you earn pictures and some sort of prizes that I haven't investigated too closely. Clearly I'll need to get another version of Rock Band so I can earn money and buy clothes for my characters.

They're adding some of the albums as downloadable content, and I expect eventually the entire catalog will be available, or at least most of it. Right now it seems to be more of the latter work; I'd really like to see more of the early stuff. I don't know that I'll buy every song--it's like two bucks per track!--but I definitely want Lovely Rita, When I'm Sixty-Four, and Norwegian Wood. If only Eleanor Rigby would come available! And maybe some of the covers from the early albums.

In conclusion: two thumbs way, way up!

Less than six weeks!

If you're wondering what to buy me for my birthday next month, feel free to get me this. Do plan ahead on the international shipping; I haven't a clue how long it takes. On the upside, though, shipping is only seven pounds (less than $12) which is quite reasonable for seven thick books.

Note that I prefer the kids' editions to the adult version: All that's different is the covers. Apparently they thought adults would be embarrassed to ride around on the Underground with brightly colored Harry Potter books. Not me. I want a kids' book that looks like a kids' book!
Though if you insist on the adult version, get the paperback set that comes in a box that looks like a trunk. Because that is awesome.

If you get it for me, I promise to call and read a passage to you in my best British accent. Otherwise, I'll just read it to myself in a British accent.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GPOYW: Party Edition

I went with a friend to her fancy work party, so I wore a lot of eye makeup and did my hair in a fun, spiky updo. This is my attempt to quickly get a photo of both. It was a valiant effort, if not a overly successful one.

I love living alone. I've had the dustbuster on the stairs for four days, and no one complained or tripped over it. Occasionally, there are times when I realize the downside of living alone. Like when I have to crawl behind the dryer to get things that fell back there, and am not entirely sure that I'll be able to get back out. Or when I crack my head on the freezer door and am afraid I'm going to pass out. Or when someone has to be home for the dishwasher repairman, and that someone HAS to be me. Or when I need to move something heavy or cumbersome. And of course, when trying to take a picture of the back of my head:

Or of my legs:

It always looks like that, and it always looks bad. It could have been a lovely shot, if there were someone else around to hold the stinking camera. I have a huge folder of self portraiture, and it's largely craptastic. Living alone is great, but today, it's also bad self portraits.

Speaking of calendars

It's 9/9/09! I love me some symmetry in the date. Plus, Beatles Rock Band releases today. And has all their tees on sale for $9 today. Because I definitely need more t-shirts, right? I mean, I have so many opportunities to wear them.

Anyway, back to the calendar. I was looking at my desk calendar, enjoying the fact that Friday is payday. I noticed that it's also a holiday. Patriot Day. "Hmm," I thought. "Where is it Patriot Day? Canada?" My calendar includes all North American holidays, so we can enjoy Victoria Day and Mexican Independence Day (which is next Wednesday, actually). But wait. Patriot Day is followed by a little (US). Say what? There's a holiday and I didn't know about it? Don't we already have Veterans' Day for honoring our patriots?

I looked at the date again. The 11th. September 11th.

That's a holiday now? Not just a holiday, but Patriot's Day?

Now, a lot of people died and it was a terrible thing, and even if our foreign policies make us unpopular in large swaths of the world, it doesn't give people the right to hijack planes and crash them into buildings. However. A patriot is "a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. [or] a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, esp. of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government." This doesn't really have anything to do with terrorist attacks. Those unfortunate people died terrible, unnecessary deaths, but it wasn't patriotism. They were living their lives, going about their days, in meetings and at work.

I fully support honoring the victims of the 9/11 attacks, but I think calling it Patriot Day is largely misguided. But what names are left? We already have a Memorial Day; Veterans' Day is also called Remembrance Day, although not so much in the U.S. So what do we call September 11th? Do we need to call it anything?

This is what I'm thinking about today. That, and getting my dishwasher repaired this afternoon. And getting dressed up for a party later. Will there be a GPOYW post later? Maybe.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Yes, but I choose cereal

I am on vacation

You would think that because I am on vacation I would have plenty of time to write a long, chatty entry about my recent whirlwind trip to New York (which I always spell Yourk and then have to backspace and fix. It could be worse; I tend to say it Yew Nork). You know what? You would be right. I DO have time to write an entry. I'm on vacation. All I have planned for today is getting my oil changed and seeing if I can find the hot rollers I want at Sally's. Maybe I'll clean something. I could exercise, but I probably won't. I made monkey bread. I didn't set an alarm, and I still got up at 8:30, after an amazingly quick nine hours of sleep. I definitely need more; whirlwind trips to New York don't lend themselves to lots of sleep.

I didn't really take photos. I didn't even bring my camera. My travel companion did, so I can post some pictures after she sends them to me. I took a couple with my camera. I sent this one to Facebook with the caption "Guess where I am." I didn't use a question mark, because that's a directive, people, not a question. Using a question mark would be like telling someone, "Shut up?" when you really mean "SHUT UP!"

Anyway, yes, the picture. We were walking along, and I was like, "Hey! Radio City Music Hall!" We were waiting for the light to change, and it just had, so I got the bus obscuring part of the marquee, which I think I like better than if I had gotten the whole building. I would still like to see the West Side Story revival, especially now that they've gotten rid of the Spanish lyrics in "A Boy Like That." I don't mind them in "I Feel Pretty." It's a simple song, and not really a hard-hitting song. I appreciate that Anita would speak (and sing) to Maria in Spanish, but it's a much more powerful song when people in the audience can actually understand the lyrics. A nice experiment, guys, but thanks for going back to the English.

In conclusion, vacations are awesome.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's not Wednesday, but my hair won't look like this tomorrow.

Notice the fancy clock on the wall? That's how I knew I'd been promoted. In my previous office, we had the generic, buy-in-bulk-from-an-office-supply-catalog kind of clock. But here, here it's a different story. The clock has a pendulum and everything. It's just for looks, though; the clock runs on batteries.

And what about the lamp that never gets turned on? Makes it seem all homey, doesn't it?