Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, bloody Monday

Ah, Monday, my old nemesis. Am I the only person who takes a Sunday afternoon nap and then doesn't sleep well at night, thereby making Monday even more miserable than it inherently is?

I've got a ridiculously busy week. No free night all week. I was going to try making grilled pizza tonight, but then I won't be able to run errands. Argh. No time!

Seems like a good opportunity for the greatest Saved by the Bell clip of all time.


  1. So funny that you chose this - Reid and I discovered that Saved By The Bell was on a local channel on Saturday afternoons, so of course we immediately hit "record series."

    This episode ran just last week, I think. What a classec. BTW, did you hear about the 20 year SBTB reunion in People (I think) magazine...without Screech? That's what you get for getting into porn.

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  2. I did hear about that! I totally meant to buy it. I'm just that big of a nerd. And I guess Screech is going to write a tell-all book to punish them for excluding him?

  3. The book was already in the works, which I think is one reason he wasn't invited. That's what I gleaned from scaning (scanning?) the article in line at King Soopers.

  4. It's missing the best part of the clip: "I don't have time to wash my hair...I'll never get into Stanford!" Last week, and trailing into this week, was my crazy week. After shouting a list of the things I needed to do, I shouted, "I'll never get into Stanford!" If I wasn't pregnant and could have taken caffiene pills, I would have!

  5. What's additionally funny about that is 'Zack' is a lawyer on TBS right now, some show and 'Jessie' was in that movie about strippers.
    How far the child stars have come.


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