Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally, some service!

If you're looking for a good bank with a high-yield savings account, might I recommend HSBC? I have had a lot of trouble with other companies (particularly Delta, Qwest, and Chase. Although I do have to give credit to Chase for finally straightening things out. I'm not canceling my Chase card, but I'm not using it as my primary card anymore, either.). Anyway, for once I'd like to extol the virtues of a company, rather than complain about crappy service.

HSBC is largely an online bank, especially in the western US. There are no HSBC branches or ATMs here, but they don't charge you to use another bank's ATM. Most of the credit unions--including the one at work--don't charge a fee, so there's never a problem there. The interest on their online savings account is generally much higher than regular savings accounts. There's no monthly fee, no minimum balance requirement, no direct deposit requirement, and it only takes $1 to open. Sweet deal.

They recently changed the bill pay system so that the money debits from your account the day you initiate the transaction, ostensibly so that you have a better idea of your balance. (The cynic in me thinks they want to get out of paying the extra day's interest.) Anyway, I keep most of my money in savings rather than the online payment account, and because of the change, the way I set up my bills ended up having me being $13 overdrawn, which resulted in a $35 bank fee! But that's another tirade about absurd bank charges. It would be nice if they linked my accounts and just took it from savings, like my old credit union did, but the credit union is a different world. (My account number was four digits. They know everyone, and their account number, a lot of times. It's very Cheers-y.) I couldn't find my telephone access PIN to call them, so I just sent an email, explaining the situation and asking them to refund it as a one-time courtesy. And they did! No angry phone calls and letters and two month wait! That's what I like to see. They could have gotten persnickety and, since I was technically outside of the new guidelines, insisted that the fee stayed. But they reversed the charge and we all go on with our lives, but with a satisfied customer who is less likely to change banks.


  1. You forget to mention the story of the ladies at the credit union "breaking it" to mom that her husband has been coming in every Friday after work with "a blonde." (Me, his daughter.) Now THAT'S service!

  2. So many companies are all about the profit and not so much about the customers.


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