Thursday, August 20, 2009

Define "crowded"

I read an interesting tidbit yesterday that I've been kicking around in the back of my head. If every person on earth--all 6.8 billion of us--was given a quarter acre of land, it would cover 80% of Brazil.

That's it. Everyone on earth gets a forth of an acre (which is quite sizeable, and then think about how big each family's plot would be) and it doesn't even cover all of Brazil.

Granted, not all of the world is somewhere I'd particularly care to live, due to the weather--most of Canada and Russia, or large swaths of Africa, for instance--but we're clearly not overcrowding the joint. We should redistribute the population. Give us all our quarter acres!

I'd like my land in Orange County, please.


  1. I'll take half my share- only an eighth of an acre- if I'm just being GIVEN it. Bryan and I can combine and it'd be fine. ESPECIALLY if I can choose where!!

  2. And there-in lies the problem. Most of the 'good' land is already taken of being used to feed all of us. What we need to work out is how to grow stuff in Iceland and then we can redistribute Orange County for the people.


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