Friday, July 31, 2009

When did you become old?

There's a "When did you get old" quiz online. Apparently, I was cool starting several years before I was born until I graduated from college in 2003, took a four year hiatus, and am cool again. I have heard the 2004-2007 songs, but not well enough to know them. Oh, wait. I do know 2007, I distinctly don't like it. Anyway, when did you get old?


  1. I was only cool for a sporadic 5 years out of my whole life. And most of them I didn't like. Not surprised.

  2. I've never been cool. Only maybe for the day or two before I moved away from somewhere and realized I finally had that place figured out and I wasn't the odd man out... yeah, and then I move.

    I think I officially became old when I tried to wear those green and white striped tights this past St. Patrick's day and it didn't look nearly as whimsical as I'd planned. More "ooo, mommy has funny colored legs!" Maybe if I could get my hair to look decent once in a while I could hold onto some street cred, but if it hasn't happened yet, I ain't holding my breath.

  3. Whenever someone I baby-sat gets married or goes on a mission or some other milestone, I ask Bryan, "When did I get so old?!!" He replies, "Last year," because that's when I turned 30. Nothing against 30, but it's a great response.

  4. Apparently I was only randomnly cool. I can sing four out of five songs on the list and then not know one or two in a row. I stopped knowing any in 1997, when I was 21. How weird is that?


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