Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What to do, what to do?

You guys! It's July. Yep, it's July, which is obvious from the cool rain and blistering 74 degrees outside. Oh, Utah. You so crazy.

So, my family is coming to town. Hooray! They'll be here for a week. A week? They'll be covered in moss in a week! How will I keep them entertained? Sure, they're coming to put in ceiling fans and curtain rails and whatever else my evil genius desires (have I mentioned a programmable thermostat?) but I'd like it to be at least mildly entertaining as well.

What does one do for fun in Utah? My parents would be easy enough to entertain, but my brothers...? And then I thought, "Dude, they're teenagers. They hate everything." But then I remembered. Firecrackers. They're only legal for a few days around the Fourth, the twenty-fourth, and New Year's. I can't think of a better way to entertain my youngest sibling. Why, when he was small, he loved to go to the dollar store and get those poppers, which technically are illegal in Arizona. Even as a kid he knew that, and I think got an extra delight out of being sneaky, in addition to the loud snapping noise and faint smell of gunpowder. Quite frankly, it's been a long time since I've played with sparklers, and I wouldn't say no.

In addition to firecrackers--as though we need anything else--there's also the Freedom Festival. I don't know how exciting that would be, but on the radio commercial I caught the end of last night, it mentioned funnel cakes. Dude, I'm in it just for that. (Remember when IHOP had the funnel cake celebration one summer? It was 2005, one of the best summers ever.)

There's Lagoon, which I've never been to, but supposedly is fun. There's Boondocks and Trafalga, if you like minigolf and batting cages and who knows what else they have there. And I live right by the movie theater.

What else is there to do in Utah? And what does one eat on the Fourth of July if one doesn't own a grill?!

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  1. Lagoon is a little cheesy but fun. I never knew what to do for fun when I lived there. Spent a lot of time hanging with my friends at palygrounds. I know, we were wild.
    And on the 4th we always eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. Don't know why but it's tradition.


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