Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trip recap

I went to Arizona for the holiday weekend (because nothing says "Celebrating the pioneers' arrival in the Salt Lake valley" like leaving it). I saw a community theater production of Beauty and the Beast at the Hale Theater in Gilbert. It was a visually-impaired date (as opposed to a blind date; we had seen each other before and corresponded by e-mail). He is actually visually impaired (most of us are, no?), but my prescription is stronger, so I won the award for blindest date.

I also saw the national touring production of Wicked. It was good, of course. It was Wicked. But the understudy for Glinda and the standby for Elphaba went on. The understudy for Elphaba went on the last time I saw it! I'm sure the understudies are good and all, but if you thought they were the best, they would have just cast the understudy. Frankly, I thought some of the vocal harmonies could have been a little tighter. One of these days, I'll see Wicked without understudies. And perhaps I won't be sitting in the balcony, either! I've been in the balcony both times, and you can't see what's going on on the bridge-thingy when you're at a 45 degree angle! Ah well. It was still a good time.

I got to sleep in on a Sunday, which is a rare treat. It was worth the trip just to be able to roll out of bed at 9:45, wash and style my hair, take my sweet time getting ready, watch bits of Home Alone 2 while I put on my makeup...."Beat that, you little trout sniffer."

Now I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Maybe I should take a day off just to faff around the house. Seems like a waste of a precious vacation day. Maybe just take a half day off? Some faffing, some working? Oh, I need to have my dishwasher looked at! I could do it in conjunction with that! Now that's thinking. They always give themselves ridiculously huge windows to arrive in, anway. "Yeah, we'll be there between Tuesday and Saturday."

I should really go to bed. Stinking work, interfering with all my late nights.

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  1. I have a theory about understudies. I think the main characters are cast so their voicces go well together and their stand-ins because they can sing the part and usually have another role in the show anyway.
    I was SO annoyed when, after seeing Wicked for the first time in LA, went to San Francisco to see it again, got a different lead. I have seen Eden Espinoza sing Elphaba a dozen times and Stephanie J. Block only the once. I am a tad bitter.


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