Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things I would like to get a degree in

Today at the potluck after church, we were talking about how many of us at the table wanted to go back to school. "For what?" someone asked. "That's the problem," someone else replied. "If I go back to school at 28, it will be the only time. It's hard to commit to something." I said that I had a list of like, eight things I wanted to study, and they agreed. How do you pick? I said I'd do med school, except that an English degree doesn't really prepare you for that. I'd have to take so many prerequisites, it would end up being like a second bachelor's before getting the m.d.

I love school. I like learning new things. I like being graded and being the best; I think that was a large part of my identity as a kid. Leaving school was kind of strange, because there were far fewer opportunities for being the best. I like studying a subject just because it's interesting, without some huge career plan. I could go back to school, if I had a roommate. But I'm not sure if that's a price I'm willing to pay right now. Anyway, every time I try to go to grad school, I don't get in, and sometimes get sent off on crazy adventures (hello, Idaho) so for now I'll just make a list of the things I'd like to get a degree in.

  • Children's literature and children's literacy
  • Geology, particularly vulcanology
  • Math, just because I'm bad at it
  • Musical theater
  • Exercise science, particularly yoga
  • Pediatrics (I suppose it's not too late to become a doctor; you have to turn 40 anyway, right?)
  • Pastry chef...ness. (Chef-dom? Cheffitude? I don't know how to turn that into a field of study. I doubt they have a degree in cookies, but I'd like to open a bakery or something)
  • Spanish
  • A few other languages. Russian, maybe, just because it sounds cool
And that's just the tip of the iceburg. I want to know everything! I suppose I don't need formal programs of study, but it would be so nice and organized.


  1. I totally agree. Last student teacher I had, I opted for the 6 free credits at ASU. I figured that even if I don't use it towards my graduate program (which I would) it's a great excuse to take those random classes that I just want to take because they'd be FREE! Of course, two months later I found out I was pregnant and should've gotten the money. That's how to get what you want in life: plan for the opposite, Georgie-boy!

  2. I totally understand the wanting to know everything. That's what I am going to spend eternity doing, learning the stuff I didn't get to here.
    School wasn't such a joy of mine. I think I would have liked having a tutor back in the day though, where you can jump topics if you wanted or tangent off somewhere.


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