Friday, July 10, 2009

Question: What weird "compliments" have you received?

On my way in this morning, one of the other employees in the building very cheerfully wished me good morning and said that I look very dapper today. Hasn't this become a word mainly used to describe males? I mean, it's technically correct--I do look rather spruce and stylish today, or at very least like a greenie sister missionary with high heels--but it just seemed kind of strange.

And that got me thinking to other strange compliments and comments I've gotten. I think "I like your face" probably tops the list. All it needs is a bad fake Italian accent, more of "I like-a you face." I think my reaction was along the lines of "What the devil does that mean?" and less "Oh, how nice of you."

There was also "dainty." Now look. I may be a tiny little woman ("I ain't got no shins!") with little monkey hands, but dainty I am not. *Checks online dictionary* Oh wait folks. This just in. I am dainty, but only if we're going with definition 4, "overly particular; finicky." That I certainly am. Especially with food. A great insult yesterday at lunch was when I said someone was such a picky eater, he made me look like a garbage disposal. Burn!

I'm sure there have been other strange, strange things said to me, I just can't think of them. What's the weirdest compliment--backhanded or otherwise--that you've ever gotten, given, or heard? I think this could be right up there with bad date horror stories (of which I have several).



  1. So I went to Atlanta for a job interview a few years back (5, I think) and went to the singles ward dressed in my usual garb - including some hi heeled knee length black leather boots. After sacrament I was swarmed by strange boys smelling fresh meat. The weirdest compliment had to have been one odd guy who called out "Hey, I like your hooker boots!" I was pretty offended, and it wasn't until years later - last year - that I found out who the guy was and we became friends with him and his wife. He still says stupid stuff regularly.

  2. That is strange! When will boys learn that hooker boots go over the knee? Yeesh.

  3. Possibly not the strangest but while we're on the subject of footwear...I had a guy say "nice Jesus sandals" to me once.


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