Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Out of context

I was driving to work this morning, as I frequently do (like, five times a week, ugh!) and passed the city courthouse, as I frequently do. The steps were covered with people. It was like the ants covering the plate that I had moved the donuts to at my parents' house on Sunday because I found an ant in the box. (I had moved the donuts off the plate before the ants found it again. Don't worry. Donuts are safe in my care. Until I eat them.)

But the people. This is about the people at the courthouse. Now, I'm bad at guessing height, weight, distance, and numbers in large groups, but I'd say there were at least 200 people there, and more crossing the street from the parking lot/bus stop region. I figured there was some sort of protest. Another stupid "kiss-in," maybe.

Ah, but then I looked at the individuals. The long dresses, the long sleeves, the pastels, the incredible high hair (how do they do that?) and I realized, this isn't just some protest, these are... "Pligs! Pligs!" Now, some say that's a derogatory term, but I see it more as a contraction. Shouting "Polygamists! Polygamists!" to no one in particular seems unnecessarily formal.

It was crazy. It would be like...I dunno, driving through downtown Philadelphia and seeing 200 Amish milling around the courthouse. Out of context, a large group, atypical wardrobing, uncommon religious sect, in the middle of a large city. It was just strange. I wonder what legal issue brings them downtown today.

In other news, I had grapes and yogurt with almond slivers for breakfast. It was like a poor man's caramel apple with peanuts, I tell you. My only regret is that I didn't bring more. Or take a picture. It was so pretty in its coordinating tupperware before I put it in my purse, at which point the presentation was diminished a little.


  1. I think they get their hair high by feathering it. Or giving it some great mousse.
    Or bad genes. Being polygamists, there are some pretty good chances someone's getting the genetic short stick.

  2. Have you seen pictures of polygamists? There's no feathering. It's like Ariel from the Little Mermaid. But with long-sleeve dresses instead of shell bras.

  3. Maybe they do each other's hair? That's all I can figure because my arms do not reach behind my head in ways that could do what my stylist does.


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