Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mixing things up

Lots of pictures forthcoming. Until then, a serious question that's been on my mind.

See, my blender broke. Not really. Just the little plastic coupler/coupling/clutch thing on the underside of the blade that makes it spin. I thought, "Well, that should be easy enough to replace." Yes. If Rival still made blenders, and therefore there were still replacement parts. Another brand's piece might work, but there's the real potential that it won't.

So what do I replace it with? Another blender? A Magic Bullet? A blender/food processor combo? I don't know. Can I really use the Magic Bullet to make salsa, chopped nuts, alfredo sauce, shredded cheese, smoothies, and more? (Can you tell I've seen the infomercial a few times?) Does anyone have one?

I really don't know what to do. All I know is that it's getting to be smoothie season, and all I have is a hand immersion blender. And I doubt that is going to take me far.


  1. I have a smoothie maker (with spout!) I would gladly give you, so you can spend your money on a food processor. That is definitely the top of my wish list right now. I already have a list of at least 1,000 things I will make when I get one. When, not if. And I never exaggerate.

    But commercials might. I succombed to the Ultimate Chopper a few years ago, and the motor is dying. I haven't really used it all that much. I just want a Cuisinart food processor like everyone on Food Network has. They must be the best, right?

  2. You know, you're right; I only ever use my blender for smoothies. I really want a food processor. I'm always finding recipes that I can't make because I don't have a food processor!

    Maybe Cuisinart is the best, or maybe they just sponsor the Food Network shows, eh?

  3. I hear the magic Bullet sucks, but every time I watch that commercial I go ape. So if you bought one, I would not blame you.

  4. Great news!...for me, at least. My MIL bought a Cuisinart food processor a few months ago, and apparently hasn't used it once. She's going to give it to us!!! Thank heaven for impulsive parents and Reid being an only child. :)

    About sponserships, my MIL has mentioned that before in our Bosch/Kitchen-Aid discussions. Everyone on FN uses Kitchen-Aids, but she (long-time foods teacher at Provo High) stands by Bosch. I have often wondered what role sponserships play in their choice of appliances, etc.

    Speaking of my MIL and FN, her HS culinary team took 3rd place in the national competition, which will be shown on FN sometime this month.

    This is a very long comment, and should probably just been an email. Especially considering I have other comments for your other posts. :)

  5. I divide my mixing between the food processor and the blender so I was super lucky to get one base that fits both tops. It's a KitchenAid which is maybe not what I would choose myself but it works for now.


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