Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free shipping!

Hi, my name is Cathie, and I hate to pay for shipping. I never spend less than $25 at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Businesses have conditioned this response in me. If they never offered free shipping, I wouldn't have come to expect it.

Anyway, I bought some shirts from Charlotte Russe last week. They're not here yet, but I just got an e-mail with a code for free shipping, through Saturday, August 1. So if you missed the last free shipping promo, use "EMAILFS" (as in e-mail free shipping) and buy yourself something nice. So, no booties.

P.S. Oh, and if you want a 30% off coupon for Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic (good online and in stores, but it's only for this weekend) let me know. I think I have 20 or so left. That's a stinking deal.

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  1. Free shipping all the way. It's like paying for parking. I'll walk six blocks to avoid paying for parking.


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