Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 1

So today we got a fair bit accomplished. We--that is to say, Dad--changed out the dining room light for something a little more my style:

Fabulous, no? We also ordered the crazy custom sized blinds for my entry way, struggled to find a bathroom fan to replace my current jet-engine one, did some recon at Home Depot and Lowes, lit some firecrackers (holy cow, fun times!) went to Ruth's Diner up Emigration Canyon (probably the second best french toast I've ever had) bought a grill, bought food to cook on said grill tomorrow, got started on the curtain rail, changed the shower head for something a little less lowflow...good times.

Tomorrow, Music and the Spoken Word, and maybe some sort of scenic drive. Or a nap. Or both, especially since I fall asleep on any car ride longer than about ten minutes.


  1. Sounds like fun for you! I'm sure Dad appreciates a few, easy, all-in-a-day projects. And you know he'd do anything for you!

  2. Love the chandelier! We could stand to update our dining room light fixture. How much was this?

  3. Sixty bucks, I believe. It's not super bright, but totally adequate if there's any other light source around.

  4. Love the crazy light fixture! And how good to have a dad who can fix anything.


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