Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the Emmy (nomination) goes to...

Ah, the Emmy nominations came out today! Have you ever looked at the full list? All the choreography and art direction and multi-camera cinematography awards? It's quite interesting. The dearly departed Pushing Daisies is up for several technical awards, and Kristin Chenoweth is up for comedic best supporting actress! And Jim Parsons (Sheldon) is up for best comedic actor for Big Bang Theory!! Even dear ol' "Chuck" got a nod for best fight choreography. Do I root for Rainn Wilson or Neil Patrick Harris in the comedic best supporting actor category? Decisions, decisions.

I guess don't watch a lot of dramas, because in every drama catagory there was a lot of shrugging and "I dunno that." I like House, Bones, and NCIS, but that's about it. Apparently I like procedural dramas. Perhaps because everything is wrapped up in a neat, 43-minute package. Well, not everything. House is still an addict at the end of the episode, y'know? But the main story is wrapped up in an hour. I like the closure. I don't want to watch some crazy, involved show where you can't miss an episode or be utterly lost. I don't want that kind of committment with a TV show. I want to laugh, and I want things to wrap up nicely. That's it.

In totally unrealted news, I very well may have broken my toe last night. Or maybe I just sprained the crap out of it. All I know is that it's bruised and it hurts like crap. I should just get rid of it all together. Who needs two baby toes, anyway?

ETA: Oh, I forgot Dr. Horrible! They have to win. They just have to!

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  1. It's true, having to wait for the possible conclusion stinks. But once the whole thing has been put out on DVD I can get into it. Then I know the conclusion and can follow the story. Stargate SG-1 or Babylon 5 anyone?


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