Friday, July 10, 2009

All in the golden afternoon

The next several days will be a tribute to my parents and brothers, who were here for a week doing little and big projects around the house. Eventually I'll show you everything that's been done, but now I'll just show you my flower bed.

Remember the old yard? With the weed garden and the lonely tulips?
Weed garden

Lonely tulips

Well, a half ton of bricks later, and it's looking a lot better!

Flower bed
Red flowers
Daisies and such

This was the plan all along. I knew I wanted a little wall, so I didn't plant anything, because if I planted stuff and then filled it with dirt, it would be all wonky. I had a plan, people. The weed garden WAS ALL PART OF MY PLAN.

The great thing is that my mom planted the flowers while I was at work, which I totally did not expect. And they're all annuals, so if I kill them, I won't feel bad, because the would have died anyway. I really want a rosebush or two. Because roses grow like gangbusters here. Which is good, because it's an epic struggle for me to keep anything alive. Just one of the reasons why it's probably a good thing that I live alone and will never have children. Because my secret superpower is my amazing ability to repel people. So, yeah. Not so secret anymore.

But the flowers. Look at my pretty flowers! With the pretty wall! And the hose that is way too short!


  1. That song is my favorite part (the best part?) of "Alice and Wonderland." We had it on a Disney sing-a-long, and I would watch it over and over, waiting for the white rose at the very end...oh, how I wished I could be a flower.

  2. So awesome. Do you want to lend me your parents for a weekend and have them build me some? I know exactly where I want them...


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