Friday, June 19, 2009

Movie review: The Proposal

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Hey. Cath. Didn't you used to cook and then talk about the recipes?" Yes. Yes I did. But my recent encounter with some sort of summer rainy season sleepy sickness has kind of put the kibosh on cooking. Unless one counts putting the sugar on one's store-brand Corn Chex as cooking. And if you're thinking that it might count, let me tell you now that it does not.

It's hard to come up with content when my life tends to be a lot of little variations on the same theme. Cardigan or pullover. Flats or heels. Store-brand Corn Chex or Honey Nut Cheerios (no impostors). Egg salad or chicken salad for lunch. Honestly, I can barely remember what I had for lunch this week. I know I had Quaker "dinosaur egg" oatmeal and a yogurt yesterday. Can't get any further back than that.

But you know what I did on Saturday? I went to see "The Proposal." "But that doesn't come out until today," you say. Yes, that's true. Well spotted. But there was a sneak preview last week.

If you're wondering if you should see it, my answer is...weeeeeell, that depends. If you love Sandra Bullock movies romantic comedies, it might be worth it. The ending is unsatisfying. You spend the whole movie waiting for them to realize that they care (not much of a spoiler there, eh?) and then it ends. Granted, this is fairly typical for the genre. But it just doesn't feel like enough of an ending.

Ryan Reynolds (whose full name usually escapes me, because he is so nondescriptly attractive and hasn't ever really distinguished himself) does an admirable job. He does deer-in-the-headlights pretty well, and gets some good laughs. ("Hence the boat.") Perhaps romcoms have found the heir apparent to Hugh Grant, who seems to have moved on, for the most part. Between "The Proposal" and "Definitely, Maybe" a few years ago, Ryan Reynolds seems to be angling for the job. (And as a side note, can I say that the title of "Definitely, Maybe" ruined the ending? It wasn't a bad movie, but they should have named it something else.)

Bottom line: Matinee. Probably not worth paying full price.

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