Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's quite a bitter pill to take

I have been experiencing the most aggravating chronic eye twitch recently. Less aggravating is the occasional twitching in my calf, glutes, tricep, and shoulder (nothing like a twitching butt, I assure you). I was talking to my friend's medical professional parent, who suggested quinine. So I got me some tonic water and holy cow, is that stuff bitter. I knew it was bitter, but I didn't realize how bitter. Tonic water has sweetener added, usually corn syrup with some quantity of fructose, but it still bites back WAY more than I want from a beverage. How can people drink this stuff? I don't care what you add to it. It's terrible. I have to add around a tablespoon of grenadine to make it tolerable, and it still has quite the edge of an aftertaste.

If the tonic water doesn't work, I guess there's a new prescription medication for muscle twitching. I'd rather just figure out why I'm twitching and solve it that way, y'know?

Incidentally, did you know that quinine, which used to be the primary treatment for malaria, is made from cinchona? When I read that, I was like, "OOOOOH. That's why the Inca king wanted some cinchona!" It would have been nice if MECC could have explained that a little better. Or maybe I was so intent on photographing wild animals and fishing that I missed the more educational aspects of the game. I always skipped the little intro video, which is probably when they explained the setup. But I still say "The Inca king is pleased with your success. He would also like you to bring him...some cinchona" and "You have passed through a blue mist to another time and place." Do you realize how few people in my life have played the Amazon Trail? I'm sure I sound like an idiot. I frequently do.


  1. You are certainly not alone. I use the Inca king to tell my wife what groceries to buy:

    "The Inca king is pleased with your success. He also wants you bring... KITTY LITTER."

  2. It just means you're smarter than the rest of us. Smarter and have a better memory. I never remember the clever things I hear...


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