Friday, June 19, 2009

I am a figment of your imagination

Have you seen the previews for the new "Fat Bachelor" show on Fox? It's actually called "More to Love," but it's essentially "The Fat Bachelor."

I'm annoyed by it, not so much by the concept--anyone who thinks they'll find real love on television rather deserves what they get--but by the commercials. "Twenty real women and one real man" are looking for love. Excuse me? Or as Eddie Izzard says, Quoi? You mean to say that because I'm not overweight, I am not a real woman? This means that I am either
a) a real child
b) a fake woman
c) male

"Real Women Have Curves," anyone? So all females who are genetically predisposed to stick figure-ishness are not real women?

It's not like I'm saying they should change the promos to say "Twenty desperate beached whales will humiliate themselves on public television in a desperate attempt to not die alone." But "real" does not equal "fat."

There's one promo that points out that the average reality show contestant is a size two but the average American woman is a size (I don't know what they quote; I was in and out of the room. People usually say size 14 is average). So in order to represent "average," they get all plus-size women? I don't think any of them are a 14, at least that they show in the commercial. Unless they are; vanity sizing as made it all kind of hazy.

Anyway, my point is that I'm tired of the insult inherent in the euphemistic use of the word "real." Maybe I'm just oversensitive. But I'm pretty sure I'm not a hologram.

In case you haven't seen the train wreck:

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  1. This is reason 149 why the only reality show I watch is Dancing With The Stars. And even that one bugs me on occasion.


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