Thursday, June 18, 2009

File under: SERIOUSLY?

I've read some absolutely ridiculous articles lately. Let me share so you can roll your eyes, too.

Wow, I've never known PETA to throw a hissy fit! It's a fly. A FLY. I have no patience for PETA. I've got nothing against treating animals ethically. But. I'm pretty sure our definitions of "ethically" is quite different. I don't find milking cows or eating eggs unethical. And I really disagree with their putting the welfare of animals above that of humans.

Not every occurrence of sugar in everyday life is unhealthy. Mostly I feel sorry for her kids. What a joyless existence. Not that one necessarily needs sugar to live a rich, happy life, but I think not being able to eat a cupcake at school on your friend's birthday is pretty depressing. I mean, a diabetic is one thing, but "I can't eat this because my mom is crazy" is another.

And in the words of Fark, "Suck it, Jenny McCarthy." (Because Jenny McCarthy thinks that vaccines cause autism, despite the abundant lack of evidence.) Apparently vitamin D is far more important than previously realized, and we get a lot less than we need. So...go outside, I guess.

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  1. It doesn't matter how right you are, if in the explaining it you drive everyone away from the conversation.
    Amen to it all.


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