Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The facts were these:

ABC canceled "Pushing Daisies," one of the cutest, most charming shows on television. (With the cutest, most charming Lee Pace.) I'm mad enough about that. But then they had the nerve not to show the last three episodes! But then! MONTHS later, they show a new episode! And I missed it, because I don't watch much TV, and certainly not ABC on a Saturday night.

But, my friend Lisa had set her DVR to record any new episodes, and there it was, like a little piece of gold hidden in a pile of stinky pyrite. So last night I went over and we watched it. It was so great, but also so sad. Because there are only two more episodes, and it's like waiting for someone to die. Unless they magically un-cancel it. Or if some other network un-cancels it, like ABC did with "Scrubs." (Really? People still watch that? I thought there were some serious diminishing returns on the funny the last few years.) But "Pushing Daisies" was still fresh and clever. And there were still so many stories to pursue. WHY MUST THEY TOY WITH ME LIKE THIS?

So, yeah. Maybe you can find the latest "Pushing Daisies" on Hulu or ABC's site. And if you've never watched it, it's time to start.

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  1. There are many reasons to love the DVR invention - even if it causes one to watch a lot of things they wouldn't otherwise, not that I would know or anything - and the prime one is that it catches the final, final episodes that are boradcast months later. I too loved the show and the Lee Pace and the Kristin Chenoweth. It was so adorable.


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