Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chim chim cheree

In Sunday School this week, for reasons I still don't quite understand, we went around the room and said our name, something we love, and something we want or hope for. Most of us avoided the obvious answer of marriage/family. We're all single. That's mostly a given, and frankly, not really interesting.

When it got around to me, I said "My name is Cathie, I love the fine arts, and I want to be Mary Poppins at Disneyland." Everyone laughed. I suppose it is an unusual dream, but I think it would be amazing. Even if face characters start at $10 an hour, which I couldn't live on here, let alone in California. (Well, I guess I could with roommates, bleck.) Even if they're not even hiring for California currently (although I could be Belle at Hong Kong Disneyland)! Even if it does get fairly warm in the summer, especially when you're wearing a wig. Even if some people are big jerks. It's Disneyland. Small children would ask for my autograph! They would want to take pictures with me! They would ask where Burt is, and I would tell them he had to stay in London. I would have a parasol! (In the summer.)
Besides, I already have this:


  1. There is no one more suited to play Mary Poppins than you. It would hardly even be acting.

  2. Is that your new transportation to and from work?

    (Would they make you wear a wig if you had hair exactly like Mary?)

  3. I'm pretty sure they still make you wear the wig.

  4. Um, much more appropriate then our "interactive"part of the RS lesson this week - "If you had to write a note you loved ones knowing you'd never see them again, what would you say?"

    Surprise surprise, I didn't do it. I have enough reasons to cry without adding hypothetical ones in there.

    And yes, I can totally see you as Mary, but you should get taller, just in case ;)

  5. What a strange thing to make people do. Good for you for not doing it. Know your limits, I say!

    Of course, our "getting to know you" segment was somehow related to the three degrees of glory. Supposedly. I still don't get it.

  6. I think the lesson on homosexuals would beat all of your lessons for "What the heck?" in Sunday School.
    I think I would pay money to go and see you be Mary Poppins in Disneyland. Extra money that is.


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