Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The taste worth standing in line for!

I wonder how it tastes.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Watermelon granita

I made the most amazing watermelon granita yesterday. Gratina is basically a slushie. If you have an ice cream maker, you can make it in that, but it will be more of a sorbet. Anyway, it's super easy:

Watermelon Granita
3 c. watermelon juice
3 T. sugar
2 T. lemon juice

Mix together, pour into shallow freezer-safe dish. Put in freezer. Remove every 30 minutes and stir it with a fork. When it's frozen, eat it!

It will solidify if you leave it in long enough. Just scrape it with a fork, and you're on your way again. Yum!

Now, about watermelon juice. I guess if you have a juicer, you can use that, but I just squeezed it with my hands over a fine mesh strainer. It's very satisfying. Kind of like Lucy squashing grapes, I imagine. I strained it twice, because there is a bit of sediment, or maybe that was just my slightly grainy watermelon.

In related news, I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PICK A WATERMELON. People tell me to thump it and it should sound hollow. But...it's not hollow, so it's never going to sound truly hollow. So someone needs to demonstrate to me what it should sound like. Sigh.

And coming soon, amazing chocolate cookies. You won't want to miss these; I ate three large cookies while baking them for "quality control" purposes.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The list continues

I thought of a few additional things to do around my house:

Weather stripping around the door. It's a little ripped up. Not bad, but could stand to be replaced.
Speaking of weather stripping, my dishwasher has been leaking, and I wonder if it's just that the seal is compromised. I haven't been using it since I noticed the leak, so I'm not sure what's going on.

My thermostat is in the most ridiculous location, in the dead center of the long wall in the living room. Why? Anyway, I'd like to replace it with a programmable thermostat. This one doesn't even have two-degree markings, but incredibly ballpark-ish five-degree marks. I'm not sure it's entirely accurate, even with the five degrees.

I kind of want some shelves in the garage. Wall mounted would be nice, but I have enough room that I could just get a chrome rack and toss it in there. Heaven knows it'd be a far sight easier.

I think that's pretty much it. Oh. My big window over the front door needs blinds or something. Not that I don't love being able to look out; it's just that I don't love people being able to look in. If I want to get a beverage without a shirt on, I should feel comfortable doing it without a bathrobe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 rule: Don't

Have you seen these utterly obnoxious "1 rule" ads? There's always a before and after picture. Sometimes just of guts, sometimes with heads chopped off, frequently clearly photoshopped...Well, it got me thinking. How often do we see before and after photos like this:

All the time, right? I have scientifically determined what makes the "after" body. Are you ready for this? Smile.

Think about it. The only thing consistent in every before/after is that they're not smiling in the first one, and they are in the second! Apparently a smile makes you look 15 pounds lighter! A tan and makeup also help, but it's the absence of the scowl that really does it.

In other news, I hate the "1 rule" ads and am very sick of them. I don't want to see anyone's fat gut, and frankly I can't think of anyone who does. If anything, it makes me not want to click on it, because I don't want to encourage them. I've got one rule for them: don't put shirtless guts in your advertisements.

I'm so sad that I had to say that. What has become of our civilization?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There is truth to the book "Homes, and other black holes."

I pretty much never save entries as drafts. I write and post them right then, usually without even spellchecking it. But this one needed pictures, so it's been quite the work in progress.

My family is coming up for a few days next month (next week?!) to help me with some household projects. I decided to make a visual list of the things I'd like to do, in roughly the order of importance (descending).

1. Bathroom fan.

My main bathroom's fan sounds roughly like a small plane. I don't mind that it's on the same switch as the light--it's probably the only way to consistently get me to use the fan when showering, especially in winter--but I do wish that I could hear the doorbell over it. So I'd like to have that replaced with a quieter fan.

The fan in the powder room is not whisper quiet, but it's not nearly as loud as the main bath. Besides, a little white noise in the powder room is not necessarily a bad thing. Verdict: that fan can stay.

2. Mirror.

This is easy enough to hang. I'm mostly lazy. I did hang my lights myself, though, and did an uneven enough job of it (not so bad that I feel compelled to fix it, though) that I figure I should let an expert do it. Also, I don't love screwdriving on a step ladder.

3. Lights.

I have owned a chandelier for...nearly four years? It's time to put it up. Also, I hate the light that is currently in my entry way. I just don't love oil-rubbed bronze. It matches the light in the dining room, though, which I have posted a picture of before but am too lazy to re-post and want to replace with something from IKEA. Either this one, which totally looks like some sort of fairy crown (Robert Sean Leonard as Puck in "Dead Poet's Society," anyone?) or one of a couple other possibilities:
Whether or not that goes in the dining room hinges entirely on whether or not I put a ceiling fan in my bedroom. I don't think I really need it, and how fabulous would that light be with some mosquito netting over it? It would be just like I wanted as a kid. Plus...no mosquito bites while you sleep.

The other lights I'm considering for the dining room aren't found on the IKEA website and I don't know the product name, so...no pictures there.

This is the point where my priorities get a little muddled. Since we're talking about ceiling fans, we'll say that's next.

4. Ceiling fan.

The living room definitely needs a ceiling fan. It gets pretty warm upstairs, but downstairs remains quite cool. Some air circulating would help. Also, the convention of not putting overhead lights in the formal living room is ridiculous. So I want this one: I'll have to ask the neighbors about where the attic access is, because it's not in my place.

Man, this post is getting long. Pressing on.

5. Curtain rail.

If you'll recall from the picture of my food storage from months ago, it's kind of just sitting there:

Bleck. So I want put in a three-track curtain rail so I can hang panel curtains. Also from IKEA. Well, I really want these high-gloss red cabinets, but it would cost about 35 times more than putting in the panel curtains. So curtains it is. And I can swap out the panels as the mood strikes me! Although, judging on how often I change the designs on my lights (also from IKEA, natch, though now discontinued), it doesn't strike often.

(And since we're going to IKEA, I need another book shelf, which I want to put outside the bedrooms. I haven't entirely decided what doors to get, but I'll certainly get doors. I like being able to hide stuff. This needs to be obtained while my family is here, as it's too long for my car and frigging no one owns a truck here. But I can put it together later if needs be.)

6. Retaining wall.

Remember my lonely tulips? And my weed garden?

I want to rip out that concrete border and put in a retaining wall. Make a raised bed. I held off on landscaping it because I wanted the wall, and if I planted a rose bush and then raised the soil level six to ten inches...well, I figured it was just easier to wait.

7. Utility closet door.

The door to my water heater closet doesn't open all the way. I assume it's because there used to be linoleum and they put in tile, which is considerably thicker. So the door needs to be brought up just a tad at the bottom. It's not critical, but it is certainly annoying.

8. Hosepipe, which is technically the hose and not the faucet, but hosepipe sounds more fun.

I don't know how easy it is to fix, or if I should find a plumber to do it. A lot of people are getting the faucet put in off their kitchen water line, but I think it might be a little high for me. I am, as I like to say, A TINY LITTLE WOMAN. It would be swell if we could just fix this one. I could always call a plumber, if it exceeds the general abilities of my father. But honestly, what can't he do?

I did turn it on with needle nose pliers (the solution to 50% of your problems, my friends, is needle nose pliers), but as it is lacking a handle, it lost quite a bit of water from where the handle should be. So I used a bucket to catch that water and made do with the limited water pressure in the hose. Blah.

9. Ironing board cabinet.

My parents have in their massive bathroom/closet compound (which is approximately half the size of my entire condo) a lovely cabinet that happens to contain an ironing board. In the words of the lady on Napoleon Dynamite, "I want that." I'm not sure what installing it entails, or if it's possible where I want to put it, but it is certainly worth investigating. This one looks nice. I'm considering getting the shelves and ironing board cabinet in white. It solves a lot of problems for me, and it's cheaper.

10. Ceiling lights.

I have a lot of ugly, so-called "boob lights" that I would like to replace with some less-ugly lights, possibly of the not-boob variety.

Oh, and I have some windows missing screens, but that's not overly critical. We'll not number it, so as to avoid the dreaded prime numbers. Shelves in the garage can wait, too. All that's really left is things like "organize the cord jungle and set up the Tivo." Hey, Mom and Dad! Can I have your Tivo?

Everything looks worse in black and white

Did you hear Kodak is no longer producing Kodachrome? Oh, Paul Simon. What will we do?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Above the quiet, there's a buzz

I mentioned this song this weekend, too. It's pretty great, actually.

I remember there were some verbs

While I was home for a few hours this weekend, I referred to a fair few different websites and YouTube clips. Because I'm so helpful, I thought I'd just link to 'em for you. First, a few of my favorite Flight of the Conchords songs. Also known as "formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo." Indeed.

Flight of the Conchords - Jenny

"Issues (Think About It, Think, Think About It)

"The kids take after her in that sense." AWESOME.

If you found those funny, be sure to check out "The Most Beautiful Girl" and "I'm Not Crying." Definitely worth your time.

I also mentioned the bathtub buckets for babies, which can be found at Bathed with Love. If nothing else, get the apron towel. It's genius. I find the towel capes kind of silly, but whatever floats your boat.

And last but not least, the Barack Roll:

It's not the good version, but apparently that one got disabled. Boo.

Anything else that I missed from this weekend?

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am a figment of your imagination

Have you seen the previews for the new "Fat Bachelor" show on Fox? It's actually called "More to Love," but it's essentially "The Fat Bachelor."

I'm annoyed by it, not so much by the concept--anyone who thinks they'll find real love on television rather deserves what they get--but by the commercials. "Twenty real women and one real man" are looking for love. Excuse me? Or as Eddie Izzard says, Quoi? You mean to say that because I'm not overweight, I am not a real woman? This means that I am either
a) a real child
b) a fake woman
c) male

"Real Women Have Curves," anyone? So all females who are genetically predisposed to stick figure-ishness are not real women?

It's not like I'm saying they should change the promos to say "Twenty desperate beached whales will humiliate themselves on public television in a desperate attempt to not die alone." But "real" does not equal "fat."

There's one promo that points out that the average reality show contestant is a size two but the average American woman is a size (I don't know what they quote; I was in and out of the room. People usually say size 14 is average). So in order to represent "average," they get all plus-size women? I don't think any of them are a 14, at least that they show in the commercial. Unless they are; vanity sizing as made it all kind of hazy.

Anyway, my point is that I'm tired of the insult inherent in the euphemistic use of the word "real." Maybe I'm just oversensitive. But I'm pretty sure I'm not a hologram.

In case you haven't seen the train wreck:

Movie review: The Proposal

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Hey. Cath. Didn't you used to cook and then talk about the recipes?" Yes. Yes I did. But my recent encounter with some sort of summer rainy season sleepy sickness has kind of put the kibosh on cooking. Unless one counts putting the sugar on one's store-brand Corn Chex as cooking. And if you're thinking that it might count, let me tell you now that it does not.

It's hard to come up with content when my life tends to be a lot of little variations on the same theme. Cardigan or pullover. Flats or heels. Store-brand Corn Chex or Honey Nut Cheerios (no impostors). Egg salad or chicken salad for lunch. Honestly, I can barely remember what I had for lunch this week. I know I had Quaker "dinosaur egg" oatmeal and a yogurt yesterday. Can't get any further back than that.

But you know what I did on Saturday? I went to see "The Proposal." "But that doesn't come out until today," you say. Yes, that's true. Well spotted. But there was a sneak preview last week.

If you're wondering if you should see it, my answer is...weeeeeell, that depends. If you love Sandra Bullock movies romantic comedies, it might be worth it. The ending is unsatisfying. You spend the whole movie waiting for them to realize that they care (not much of a spoiler there, eh?) and then it ends. Granted, this is fairly typical for the genre. But it just doesn't feel like enough of an ending.

Ryan Reynolds (whose full name usually escapes me, because he is so nondescriptly attractive and hasn't ever really distinguished himself) does an admirable job. He does deer-in-the-headlights pretty well, and gets some good laughs. ("Hence the boat.") Perhaps romcoms have found the heir apparent to Hugh Grant, who seems to have moved on, for the most part. Between "The Proposal" and "Definitely, Maybe" a few years ago, Ryan Reynolds seems to be angling for the job. (And as a side note, can I say that the title of "Definitely, Maybe" ruined the ending? It wasn't a bad movie, but they should have named it something else.)

Bottom line: Matinee. Probably not worth paying full price.

Poll: bumper sticker

Fact: I'm not really a bumper sticker kind of person (hey, they have one for that, too!), but I very much like this one.

Question: Should I put it on my car?

Fact: I drive a 2003 Altima.

Question: Is the bumper so unsually shaped as to discourage sticker placement?

Fact: My mind--if not my body--is already weekending.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

File under: SERIOUSLY?

I've read some absolutely ridiculous articles lately. Let me share so you can roll your eyes, too.

Wow, I've never known PETA to throw a hissy fit! It's a fly. A FLY. I have no patience for PETA. I've got nothing against treating animals ethically. But. I'm pretty sure our definitions of "ethically" is quite different. I don't find milking cows or eating eggs unethical. And I really disagree with their putting the welfare of animals above that of humans.

Not every occurrence of sugar in everyday life is unhealthy. Mostly I feel sorry for her kids. What a joyless existence. Not that one necessarily needs sugar to live a rich, happy life, but I think not being able to eat a cupcake at school on your friend's birthday is pretty depressing. I mean, a diabetic is one thing, but "I can't eat this because my mom is crazy" is another.

And in the words of Fark, "Suck it, Jenny McCarthy." (Because Jenny McCarthy thinks that vaccines cause autism, despite the abundant lack of evidence.) Apparently vitamin D is far more important than previously realized, and we get a lot less than we need. So...go outside, I guess.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I got a fever

My life needs more cap-in-hands and less hands-on-hips.

Also, more cowbell.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's quite a bitter pill to take

I have been experiencing the most aggravating chronic eye twitch recently. Less aggravating is the occasional twitching in my calf, glutes, tricep, and shoulder (nothing like a twitching butt, I assure you). I was talking to my friend's medical professional parent, who suggested quinine. So I got me some tonic water and holy cow, is that stuff bitter. I knew it was bitter, but I didn't realize how bitter. Tonic water has sweetener added, usually corn syrup with some quantity of fructose, but it still bites back WAY more than I want from a beverage. How can people drink this stuff? I don't care what you add to it. It's terrible. I have to add around a tablespoon of grenadine to make it tolerable, and it still has quite the edge of an aftertaste.

If the tonic water doesn't work, I guess there's a new prescription medication for muscle twitching. I'd rather just figure out why I'm twitching and solve it that way, y'know?

Incidentally, did you know that quinine, which used to be the primary treatment for malaria, is made from cinchona? When I read that, I was like, "OOOOOH. That's why the Inca king wanted some cinchona!" It would have been nice if MECC could have explained that a little better. Or maybe I was so intent on photographing wild animals and fishing that I missed the more educational aspects of the game. I always skipped the little intro video, which is probably when they explained the setup. But I still say "The Inca king is pleased with your success. He would also like you to bring him...some cinchona" and "You have passed through a blue mist to another time and place." Do you realize how few people in my life have played the Amazon Trail? I'm sure I sound like an idiot. I frequently do.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well, it's raining now

It's not literally raining at this very moment. But it has been all weekend.

They assure me that it is not normally this cool in June. O rly? I seem to recall finally taking the down comforter off my bed on the first day of summer last year. It has rained every day for the last week or so. And not just "la la la, little sprinkles" but raining so hard that it went in my air conditioner and dripped out. I must have caught a half a cup of rain from my air conditioner. My gutters are clogged (though one of my lovely neighbors is going to clean them, apparently) so it all pours out right in front of my bedroom window. I rigged up a bucket and a board to redirect the water into the grass, because it surely would have flooded my bedroom.

Utah natives, of course, have no idea what to do when it rains. The right two lanes are flooded with 6 or so inches of water? Heck yes we'll drive through it. What's that? Our cars might stall? You mean you can't just go really fast and get through it? Bah.

And I'm tired of all the Facebook status updates complaining about the rain. Mostly because these same people will complain next month that it's so hot, and then that it's cold, and then that it's snowing. If you don't like variation in the weather, move to Hawaii or San Diego. Be grateful that the reservoirs are being replenished. Be grateful that you don't have to turn on your swamp cooler (which, incidentally, is not air conditioning, no matter what people might tell you).

I tried a great recipe for lemon cream cheese pressed cookies, but I had a terrible time getting the dough to come off the cookie press. So finally I just pumped out "snakes" of dough and made them into rings. Works for me. I got the recipe from epicurous, but I don't think they have it on the website anymore; I printed it in '06, and am only just now trying it. I'll give you the recipe if you want, but be advised that it does require a full cup of butter. Two sticks. That's a lot.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A grownup moment

I was on my way to the good Sprawl-mart (the 24 hour one, which is far less ghetto than the one by my old place) and thinking about the first time I went there. Two years ago next month. I'd only been in Salt Lake for a few days. I hadn't even found a place to live yet. But the last Harry Potter book came out that week, so I got up around 5:30, went to Sprawl-mart, picked one up and was out of there in five minutes. No midnight craziness, and I got a decent night's sleep.

I went home--and by "home," I mean back to the hostel--and read all day. It was July. So warm. No air conditioning, though there was a box fan. I had a gallon of room temperature water, and I think I drank most of it, eating Pringles and other junk. Just before I finished it, I got a phone call; the landlady of the apartment I had applied for had checked my references and decided to offer the place to me. Thank goodness, because I was reaching the point that if I couldn't find something, I would just turn around and go back to Arizona.

When I moved out at the end of January, my landlady was so sad. I am pretty much the perfect tenant. I shoveled the driveway when it snowed, didn't smoke, didn't throw parties, didn't do anything. She said if I could refer someone like me to live there, she'd give me...I don't remember how much it was. $200, maybe? It was a decent finder's fee, whatever it was. Alas, I didn't know anyone in need of a place. Especially not a drafty place.

Anyway, as I was thinking about that first week, I was just amazed at where I am. Sometimes I find it so unreal that I live in Utah. I live here, far away from my family, all by myself in a condo I bought all by myself. I've been here for two years! I spend so much time waiting to feel like a grownup, and every now and then I step back and think about my life, and it's like, "Oh! I am a grownup." It's very surreal, I assure you.

I was telling someone once about moving here with a job offer, but no housing, no friends, no family. She said, "Wow, that's really brave." I'd never considered it, but yes. Yes it was. It's a good thing I hadn't considered it, or I probably never would have come. It was good, though. I'm doing good work. I have good friends. I can stand the snow. Maybe we didn't get as much this winter (I'm pretty sure we had more last year) but I guess I'm finally acclimating enough that I don't want to die. I don't like it, but I can take it. That's probably all I can ask for, especially after 25 years in Arizona.

The high yesterday was 66 degrees. Fahrenheit. In June. Excuse me? That's a cold day in November where I come from. Where's my global warming, huh?

It's raining. There's lightning and thunder. We don't get a lot of thunderstorms here; usually it's just plain old rain. I miss a lot of things about Arizona. My family. Orange blossoms. The smell of rain. Summer thunderstorms. (Warm rain is nonexistent here!) Stores that stay open. No Daylight Saving Time (who needs sunshine at 9:30, if the stores close at 9?). First Friday at the science center. Not looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for five months of the year. Dilly's Deli's chicken noodle soup. Sure, there are things I would miss about Utah, but there are probably more things I wouldn't miss.

And to bring it full circle to the Sprawl-mart, the checker double bagged groceries nearly all my groceries. WHY? If you're afraid the bag is going to rip (and I'm pretty sure the brown sugar, microwave popcorn, and canola oil is NOT a major risk) JUST DON'T PUT AS MUCH IN ONE BAG. It's not rocket science, it's brain surgery. Apparently.

Tom Petty was right:

...the waiting is the hardest part.

Do you ever feel like you spend all your time waiting? I'm waiting for someone to send me the forms I need to finish entering payroll (for the ENTIRE department now, lucky me!). I'm waiting for tomorrow to see the sneak preview of "The Proposal." Waiting for new episodes of favorite TV shows, for food to cook, for commercials to be over, for things to arrive in the mail (cast iron skillet and French butter dish, yo!) Waiting for work to be over, for people to have babies so I can play with them, for the light to change, for Scarlet Pimpernel to open at the Hale, for pages to load, for songs to download, for the dryer to finish, for my nails to dry. Waiting for warmer weather, for cooler weather, for rain, for sun. Waiting for a trip to Disneyland, for someone to open a Bahama Buck's here, for the sale to start at JoAnn, for a check to clear, for a paycheck to deposit, for a good concert to come to town. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Always waiting.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I remember a time when "wiki" wasn't a word in English

I've been reading the "Little House" books lately; I'd forgotten how much I enjoy them. I looked up some biographical information, mostly to find out when she died. It was 1957.

Think about the changes she saw in her lifetime. She went from covered wagons to cars. Electricity! Indoor plumbing! Telephones! Television! ("What's a re-run?") It's crazy to think of the things that came about during the course of her life.

It makes me wonder if people will think that about my lifetime. Well, I do remember a time before the internet, when we had to look things up in encyclopedias to write research papers, instead of just ripping of Wikipedia.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are experiencing some technical difficulties

Stand by.

Please stay tuned.

This game has been rain delayed.

Please allow 20 minutes. [For souffl├ęs...I think pizookies are fifteen?]

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming after this important announcement.

...If you can guess what Blink 182 lyric I'm thinking of right now, you win a prize.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All your early 90s favorites, in one convenient video!

I recently--as in, within the last hour or so--discovered Everything is Terrible! They have some awesomely bad videos ("Give yourself over to romance and glamour" and "My magical self is elvin," for example). This song, though. I remember this song! I laughed till I cried, watching this. EiT! titled it "Stand Tall Stand Proud, Fred Savage." Whatever happened to him? He had that one office show as an adult that was pretty funny.

Anyway, if you've already checked today's Cake Wrecks, lolcats, Cute Overload, or whatever it is that gets you through the day, check out some Everything is Terrible! Because if everything is terrible, then nothing is.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The shoe is on the other foot

I'm reading an article in the New York Times about the Barney's shoe sale, and the author describes a crazy green and purple shoe. "Inconceivably," she says, "It was sitting upright and unmolested on the racks. This, of course, is because it was a size 6, a size not worn by decent people since 1938."

I have to assume that she's just jealous because she has enormous clown-shoe feet. Is size six really that ridiculous?

I wear a six. I didn't used to. I'm pretty sure there's some vanity sizing going on in shoes these days. It's clearly going on in clothing. (Twice, now, I've had to try on smaller sizes until I ended up at a four. I don't care WHAT the cut is, I'm just not a size four.) It never occurred to me that they would be doing it in shoes, too, until a friend suggested it. It makes sense. Most of my old shoes in six and a half still fit. I think my feet have shrunk a little, but not THAT much. And I was talking to another friend, and she's noticed the same trend.

What about you? Are you inexplicably wearing a smaller shoe size than you used to?

Great googily moogily!!

Okay, who had a Snoop Sno-Cone machine as a kid? With the little snow shovel? Yes? Well, do I have news for you. Brace yourselves. You can still get them. I'm sure they're as difficult as a vaguely remember, but still. Miniature snow shovel. (If you're looking for a useful ice shaver, I've had success with Pampered Chef's. Or just go to Bahama Buck's and get a Tutti Fruitti Bahama Mama Rama for me. Oh good heavens, they're opening two stores in my hometown. Heartbreak.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The facts were these:

ABC canceled "Pushing Daisies," one of the cutest, most charming shows on television. (With the cutest, most charming Lee Pace.) I'm mad enough about that. But then they had the nerve not to show the last three episodes! But then! MONTHS later, they show a new episode! And I missed it, because I don't watch much TV, and certainly not ABC on a Saturday night.

But, my friend Lisa had set her DVR to record any new episodes, and there it was, like a little piece of gold hidden in a pile of stinky pyrite. So last night I went over and we watched it. It was so great, but also so sad. Because there are only two more episodes, and it's like waiting for someone to die. Unless they magically un-cancel it. Or if some other network un-cancels it, like ABC did with "Scrubs." (Really? People still watch that? I thought there were some serious diminishing returns on the funny the last few years.) But "Pushing Daisies" was still fresh and clever. And there were still so many stories to pursue. WHY MUST THEY TOY WITH ME LIKE THIS?

So, yeah. Maybe you can find the latest "Pushing Daisies" on Hulu or ABC's site. And if you've never watched it, it's time to start.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chim chim cheree

In Sunday School this week, for reasons I still don't quite understand, we went around the room and said our name, something we love, and something we want or hope for. Most of us avoided the obvious answer of marriage/family. We're all single. That's mostly a given, and frankly, not really interesting.

When it got around to me, I said "My name is Cathie, I love the fine arts, and I want to be Mary Poppins at Disneyland." Everyone laughed. I suppose it is an unusual dream, but I think it would be amazing. Even if face characters start at $10 an hour, which I couldn't live on here, let alone in California. (Well, I guess I could with roommates, bleck.) Even if they're not even hiring for California currently (although I could be Belle at Hong Kong Disneyland)! Even if it does get fairly warm in the summer, especially when you're wearing a wig. Even if some people are big jerks. It's Disneyland. Small children would ask for my autograph! They would want to take pictures with me! They would ask where Burt is, and I would tell them he had to stay in London. I would have a parasol! (In the summer.)
Besides, I already have this: