Sunday, May 17, 2009

You'll roux the day...!

I just managed to dirty nearly every pot and pan I own. I was making spinach artichoke cheesy tortellini, and I realized that the pot I was cooking the tortellini in was too small. Oops. So I poured it into my big pot and we were back on track. Right after that, I couldn't figure out why the sauce was so darn thin. I checked the recipe...and it turns out I forgot to make the roux. Yeah, that would make a difference.

So I poured it all into my not-favorite-pan, made a roux in the good pan (even if it does burn your hand when you touch it after forgetting that it has just been in a 450 degree oven. At least it can go in the oven!). I then added the sauce back into the roux, whisked the lumps out...or most of them. Close enough for rock and roll.

Basically, it took me 45 minutes to make a "30-minute meal," I used twice as many dishes as necessary, and had a brief moment where I thought I might be allergic to cooked spinach. And I couldn't find unseasoned artichoke hearts at the store, so I had to use ones that smell suspiciously like they're just sitting in Italian dressing. Oh, and I almost forgot to add the TWO CUPS of cheese that makes the whole thing worthwhile. But I didn't forget, and I took a taste test, and it was good. So it all works out.

I haven't figured out how to scale this recipe down to one person. It requires the frozen box of spinach. I also bought a bag of chopped spinach, so I might be able to do it with just a few handfuls. Doesn't matter. This is for the potluck tomorrow, so I can make the normal amount. Ah, normal recipe amounts. No math challenge, but apparently just as dangerous. Or maybe it was that it was nearly midnight by the time I finished?

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  1. I nearly always use more utensils than necessary because I want to minimize dishes so I try to be conservative and then have to readjust.


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